should she be more mobile by now?

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My daughter is now 11 months old, and is still basically immobile. She will stay in whatever position I put her down in and be content to play happily. It's great that she's happy, but it worries me that she doesn't roll, scoot, or change positions. She has rolled tummy-to-back 3 times, and has just started changing from sitting to tummy while reaching for a toy in the last week, but still not often. She can rotate to face a different direction when she's on either her tummy or her back, and occasionally ends up a few feet further backwards when she's on her tummy, but is otherwise stationary. She doesn't pull herself up to stand, and can only support her weight with help for short periods of time.
Also, when she's sitting for a longer time or when she's a bit more tired (or when her older sister irritates her), she arches her back and throws herself backwards, dropping her head to the ground pretty hard and making her cry for several minutes. I can put a boppy pillow around her to keep her from getting hurt, but that limits her ability to move so it seems counter-productive in helping her to reach these milestones.
I know plenty of kids her age that are crawling, cruising, or even walking already. Even my oldest was standing by now, if only for a few seconds at a time, and she seemed to be slow to develop herself. I'm not expecting her to keep up with everybody, and I don't even really mind that she's not crawling yet, but I think she should be at least intentionally changing positions by now, not only by accident or coincidence.
Am I just paranoid? Are there any other 11 month olds that are still content to sit still? What are you doing to help encourage mobility?
Thank you all in advance.


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Sorry, I don't have any answer to that. But have you seen a doctor? Is she trying to reach her toys, or something she likes? She might just be slower than other babies, there maybe nothing to worry about and she might just need a bit of encouragement!

If i were you, I wouldn't worry yet.

Let us know how it goes!

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