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Carmen - posted on 01/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I want to make vegetable soup for my baby but I'm not sure if I should add spices to it. He will be 7 months on Jan. 23rd. Our ped said it was ok to give him pretty much anything now, including a little bit of spices but I'm still nervous. He just gets so bored with the same veggies. I even tried mixing recipes like butternut squash with apples and rice but he still will only eat it for like a day then I have to wait awhile.

I am sure it is fine because he has already tried some bean stew that my husband made and I know that had some spices in it such as bay leaf, a vegetable seasoning, paprika, onions and garlic in it. I know he was ok but I just can't get over being a little nervous. Oh and my mother-in-law gave him homemade sauerkraut which he loved. Mommy didn't like the after effects in his diaper though. LOL

Any other moms out there using some spices already in their foods?

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Argelia - posted on 01/19/2010




only garlic, onion, coriander.

doctor said: NO pepper, no thyme, no clove, and similars

Shavon - posted on 01/19/2010




Spices are perfectly fine! Connor loves garlic, I think it is the italian in him. You are right about the the diaper thing lol it is NO fun.

Naomi - posted on 01/19/2010




Wow how did you get your little guy to do soups? How does that work?

It is absolutely ok to give your baby spices. It helps in their developement actually. If you think about it, when you are breast feeding, when you eat something spicy, he eats something spicy. Your breast milk reflects what you've eaten. And babies in other countries all over the world aren't eating what we're feeding our children, they're giving their babies the same food they are eating and it makes for less food allergies and less picky eaters.

I myself am having trouble getting my son onto differetn textures and self led feeding, and completely understand the confusion. We're told not to give them anything, but then told to not be so protective!

The only things to avoid are cows milk till about a year old because the proteins are very large and babies find it incredibly hard to digest; sugar and salt becasue they are too hard on babies kidneys; and very spicy foods like jalapeno peppers as this can cuase a rash and swelling on the skin and in the mouth.

Everything else is fair game! If you've lovingly prepared it with your babies' nutritional needs in mind which I have no doubt you are doing, go for it!

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I would just give it a try. My baby is very special with his food ( he is allergic to rice, so I can't buy any precooked baby food since they all contain rice flour to give them a nice texture) but he likes interesting food. I would be careful with onions because they are difficult to digest, and chili of course, and i remeber when breast feeding I could not eat onions or chili because he and his sister before him would cry the whole night. The same goes for milk which is difficult to digest - my baby daughter had no probs but Jonathan is always vomiting after having milk porridge. I would say that the signs are clear. If you see him upset after trying to feed him spiced food, wait a little bit longer. But all the babies are different, so you can just guess what he would like...

Eleisha - posted on 01/18/2010




Yep, I generally use, garlic, wholegrain mustard and onions in ALL of my cooking. On average 6 out of 7 nights a week, my daughter will have what we are having for dinner, just mashed, and I use spices all of the time. Those 3 are staples, but I also use paprika, parsley, basil and cinnamon. I think it is just common sense. Obviously I wouldn't give her chili lol! Besides the fact that YOU are the best judge for your child, your ped has also said it's okay!

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