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my 25-month-old is normally pretty independent and carefree. up until now he's always been pretty shy and super observant, but he just takes a few minutes to warm up to people. that's all changed in the last month.

we can't walk down the street if a stranger is approaching. he stops and hides behind me or turns to go the other way. my parents came over yesterday and he was overwhelmingly shy and anxious with them even though he sees them often and isn't normally very shy with them except for the first few minutes.

then yesterday we had breakfast at a restaurant and he had a HUGE meltdown at the table when the waitress took our order. he threw his truck at her (!!!) , writhed around in my arms to get away and burst into tears, hiding on our shoulders. we had to take him outside twice to calm him and the meal was pretty much filled with him being anxious about new faces around. that said, he kept pointing and wanting to go back in to the restaurant after these episodes. the cafe was really busy and the music was really loud, so we figured he was reacting to all the stimulus. it was stressful for all of us.

someone else suggested this is normal 'terrible 2's' behavior but i'm not sure. anyone else have a little one doing the same thing?


Kim - posted on 08/20/2011




My little man is very shy too! He doesn't "melt down" when strangers are around, just cowers, usually on my shoulder. Keep introducing him to new situations and people but make sure you are ready for the breakdown or tears. My doctor suggested play groups and park activities to let him meet new kids and parents in an environment he likes. Good luck and keep at it!

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