sleeping and drinking issues

Emma-louise - posted on 06/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




firstly my 11month old son logan doesnt really drink anything other than his milk but he only has 2 bottles throughout the day, he does drink a little water out his beaker but not alot, i have tried juices and even tea but he just dont want them,
also logan wakes up alot throughout the night and i have to give him his milk i have tried giving him some water instead but he just spits it out and cries so i kind of feel as if i have to give him his milk to settle him back down, i do feel as if i am choosing the easy way sometimes but i just dont no what else to do cuz alot of the time i feel so tired
if anyone can help i would be greatly apprieciated


Katerina - posted on 06/06/2010




my daughter do exactly same,the only thing she would drink is her milk (4 bottles of 8oz a day) i have try giving her less formula in night feed but when i got to two spoons of formula she was just crying.just recently i switch to toddlers milk and it works very good for us,she has 5oz in morning and 8oz in evening but still dont want to drink anything else.....good luck

Melissa - posted on 06/06/2010




Try slowing lower the amount of milk you give him at night and when you get down to about 2oz start watering it down. My pediatrician said that he should be drinking 24-32oz a day in 3-4 bottles a day.(recommended for my son) So also try upping the amount of formula he is getting in the daytime as you are decreasing at night. Good luck!

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Bathobile - posted on 06/07/2010




Milk is very good for him, it has a lot that babies need to grow. All i can say is keep on trying other flavors as well eventually you will get there. Just be patient with him.

Emma-louise - posted on 06/07/2010




the only thing is that logan is on sma lf [lactose free] do they do toddlers milk in lactose free
thank you very much for your help

Emma-louise - posted on 06/06/2010




well his only on 7oz bottles and when he has them he dont drink them all at once anyway cuz he does eat solids really well so he has 3 meals a day as well as his milk
also i seen a health visitor and she said as long as his having around 20oz milk in 24hrs but i just think that he should be having other fluids other than his milk as he is only having 3 maybe 4 bottles in 24 hours or is that enough for him

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