underarm odor at 12 months//?

Ashley - posted on 06/25/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so i have not asked the doctor about this yet, becuase i always forget when i go in to seee him - but I did ask the nurse when he got his 1 yr shots last week and she said she has never heard of this.
My baby since about 6 months we noticed he has underarm odor..like as if he has been sweating all day, - like if we as teens or adults sweat and didnt wear deoderant.
you cant smell it when u walk by,or your playing with him AT ALL. but if you pick him up and he is naked or in a sleeveless shirt and your hands go under his armpits you will be able to smell it on your hands..and if you dig your nose in there to give a smell you can smell it.
Has anyone ever heard of this before?
I have to take him to the doctor for a 1 yr check up soon and I will ask but I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.
We give him a bath EVERY night as part of his bed time routine. and we scrub under his arm pits. He is a big baby, i mean he is not overweight or obese or anything - he is just a short little chubby guy, At birth he was 8lb 9.5oz and well obvioulsy just grew from there lOL .. at 6 months he was 21.5 lbs..HUGE hehe but so damn cute, like a rollie pollie. and now he weighs 24 lbs at just over 12 months. (finally growing into himself hehe) and he is 29 inch long (i am 5"3 and dad is 5"5) we welll obviously he is going to be a shorty. . he is
very active and sweats very easily - especially when he is sleeping.
Ok. . So let me know if anyone has heard of this please.


Rowan - posted on 06/26/2010




I'm sorry, I have never heard of it, but some babies (especially boys) do sweat a lot. I suppose it is just their way of regulating their body heat. My brother was a sweaty baby, and toddler! I hope you find an answer! :D

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