Should I rename my son?

Shannah - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 21 moms have responded )




I will try to keep this short.

So, my husband and I wanted to name our son something original, but nothing off the wall. Basically, something you've heard before, but don't hear a lot of. I am a teacher, so I've heard A LOT of names... it was a difficult task.

Our list was:
Aacen (pronounced Ay-sin)

We decided to take the list to the hospital w/ us and name him upon meeting him. BAD IDEA! With all the pregnancy hormones and exhaustion, I could NOT decide in the hospital and we ended up going home w/ a nameless baby who we called every name in the book for a week straight. I was so emotional that NOTHING was pleasing to me.

My husband continued telling me he looked like a Liam and my father's name is William, so I basically caved. I did NOT think it would get so popular. Now, it is predicted to be in the TOP 10 in the U.S. this year.

I confessed to my husband a few weeks later that I wanted to change it. He thought I was NUTS and explained that he felt it was almost like taking our son's identity from him (esp. since he'll always have 2 social security cards, etc.). He really felt Liam "fit" him, but told me I could do it if I wanted.

After discussing w/ my husband and family I felt guilty changing the name, so I didn't. Fast forward 7.5 months later and I am still sick over it (but mention it to no one!). I really just don't like the name as much (not sure if it's the popularity of it or what?!). Everyone says his name suits him, but I sort of wish we had gone w/ Aacen, Levi or Vaughn.

I am not getting over this as I had expected... so what do I do now?!


Carolyn - posted on 01/31/2011




i personally wouldnt change it either. It is his name, by now he knows it is his name. I personally wouldnt change my childs name because of my own personal wants or needs. If he later on wanted to change it, then so be it.

I wouldnt want to have to be constantly correcting family and friends. or be asked " why did you change his name" a billion times over, and have to sit there and say because I didnt like it. I personally would feel a bit selfish.

Liam is a wonderful name, you yourself at some point thought so, and you pointed out it has some meaning for your family. Maybe go over the reasons to keep his name, instead of the cons, which you only listed, was that it is now popular.

I never heard the name Logan locally, until i named my son Logan. We chose the name because we never heard it locally or among people we kno ! Noone we knew was named it. Then all of a sudden, it seems i hear the name everywhere. It just how it is.

Maybe find a nickname for him that you can use for him in place of his name. Something that is special to both of you . Both of my parents each have their own nickname for me.

Tracy - posted on 06/05/2011




Nothing wrong with the name liam and it's certainly not commonn. I wanted Aiden for our son but his dad wanted liam after his grandfather, he looked like my in laws side of the family when he was born so he's Liam patrick (another of my choices). To be honest it really suits man wee man, and if we have another boys we have Aiden for that one.How's he going to feel when he's older that you DIDN"T like his name.cos he will find out one way or another I agree with the Nick name thing

Nicole - posted on 02/02/2011




I know I am going to sound crazy lol but here goes..... I personally am very big on family names. My Nana (she passed 20 years ago) was named Nevadine but went by Dean. I have ALWAYS wanted to name my firstborn after her boy or girl. Well we found out we were having a girl and we were shocked. My husband then decided to tell me (after we'd said OK to Nevadine) that he hated it. I was so beyond upset, I even threatened divorce! Well bottom line, it took a few weeks to realize I was having some other issues that I was basically letting out onto the name issue. Ultimately we named her after my other grandmother, Charlotte. Funny you say about the popularity because our name is such an old fashioned name that no one really had it.... well our Charli is now almost 8 months old and Charlotte is one of the top names.... HOW!!!! Anyways, Maybe you should see about talking to someone... before you decide to change his name see if there are maybe some underlying issues at the root of this and not actually the name thing. It is possible that you could feel guilty for not deciding yourself what you wanted him to be named. It sounds off the wall but TRUST me, women feel guilty about the craziest things and you never know. Bottom line, you and your husband should be on the same page. Even if you have to try to get him to see what you are so upset about. If you can't agree on it then it could cause some issues in your marriage. If you change it and he resents you for it or you don't change it and you resent him for it. It is a big decision and talking to a therapist of some sort could probably really help you guys sort this out!!!!

GOOD LUCK!!! I hope everything works out for you!!


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Casey - posted on 08/13/2012




I doubt anyone will read this because this post is so old, but I am in the exact same position. I let my husband bully me into naming my son Liam. I hate it. I can't even say it to him I call him nothing but baby or brother. I also dislike his middle name so I can't even call him that. I want to change his name, and have asked my husband at least 3 times a week every week for the entire 9 1/2 months he has been alive. I cry about it, and honestly feel like I am unable to bond with him. Now he is so old I almost feel like it is too late, and I am definitely afraid of what others will think.

Shannah - posted on 06/06/2011




Wow, this is still going. My son is about to turn 1 (a week from today). He is DEFINITELY a Liam, no doubt about it! Thanks everyone for your advice and stories. Made me feel so much better during a time of such uncertainty!

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/23/2011




I think the best 'middle point' for you is to submit yourself to resigning and throw in the towel to just keep his name as it is. It can be costly, cause problems and yeah.... if his dad really likes it that is very tough........... but that doesn't mean YOU can't call him something else! Maybe not something totally different, but you could look up variations of Liam or William and call him something like Lee-UM, Lee, Will, Willy....... things that have to do with his the meaning of his name "Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Will, desire and helmet, protection" there's also a Hebrew meaning that says it stands for 'nation'. Look up his Totem in a deck of cards, find a Spirit guide for him and an associated mythological animal name by which you can nick name him....... there are plenty of other ways to find another name for him by which you can call him that don't have to cause you to change paperwork........ just start searching! :) Something will pop up. That's what I'm doing for my second son I'm due with, as our first sons name was EASY peasy....... this one, we're stumped and do not agree on 1 name being 'right' or 'cool' at all. It's bizarre so I know how you feel. :) And in your situation, I'd say just find a nick name somehow related to who he is as a being already, or based on his given name somehow... and go from there. Afterall, all the best names to me are nick names because they are usually based on character traits not forseen when the original name was given. I love nick names

Brie - posted on 05/23/2011




I have a mother in law that's real name is Vivian and middle name is Lorraine, her parents called her Lorraine, and has always gone by Lorraine, and it has caused her alot of grief with paper work and i.d.

Angela - posted on 05/12/2011




i have a girlfriend who is known by her middle name because (being of an older generation) her parents had to name her after the grandmother. Her mum didn't really like the name but kept to the tradition for her husbands family sake but she has never called her daughter by that name. til this day, she is known by her middle name by everyone. Her first name is only used for paperwork!!

Jasmine - posted on 05/09/2011




Being 8 months old, I don't think that I would change it. What's his middle name? Could you all call him by his middle name?

Nicole - posted on 03/17/2011




names are always going to fall in and out of popularity so i wouldnt worry too much, it must be hard though, we had chosen Tate for our son, then Casey popped into my head and when he was born my partner agreed it suited him more, most of my time in the hospital i couldnt get "tate" out of my head and had to train myself to call him Casey even though i love the name and it suited him, we had just had the other name picked for soo long, but in about 2 days, i got to know him, and he was just....Casey!

Alexus - posted on 02/15/2011




I certainly don't think you should change his name now. At this point, he should be learning his name (if he doesn't already know it) and changing it to some name he hasn't heard will only confuse him. Liam is a very nice name and if everyone says it fits him, that's what matters.

Lyndsey - posted on 02/15/2011




he can change it when he is older if he doesn't like it, create a nickname for him and call him that :D

Kendra - posted on 02/14/2011




If you really feel like you want to change it then why don't you change his name so its Liam Aacen (whatever middle name is) (last name) or levi or vaughn whichever u like... My son has a double middle name it Carson James Anthony and my cousins both go by there middle names so if you change the middle name then you don't have to tell him u changed his name you just added to it...

Doris - posted on 02/13/2011




Changing his name because it will hit the popularity list is NOT a reason to change his name. If you truly hate the name then that is another story. But at this point, that is his name. Are you sure you will be happy if you change it? Your best bet at this point is just to give him a nick name or call him by his middle name and when he's an adult he can choose what name he wants to go by.

Angela - posted on 02/12/2011




give yourself time,for the 1st 2 years of my oldest daughters life her name did not suit her now it does and i feel the same about my babys name now the same age as yours he will grow into a liam ull c x

Abigail - posted on 02/11/2011




yea i wouldnt go by the top 10 list either.. we have 5 kids right now.. and my oldest.. her name is Samantha and when she was born that was the top baby girls name for like 3 yrs running... but I only choose it since I have always loved that name as a kid growing up... but I wouldnt change his name.. it is short and sweet.. and he knows it.. and as the post above me said.. he may wonder about his name and ask him self why did they change it if you do.. any ways... good luck with your choice girl..

Erin - posted on 02/06/2011




I wouldnt go by a top 10 list...they're all different. I wouldn't change the name. Sometimes I feel like my son doesn't look like a Landon but he will as he gets older, plus I have a hundred other nicknames for him! If it really bother you, do what you need to but I think it would be weird if I found out my mom named me and then changed it. Your child could later wonder, "did my parents want to change my name or change me?" But here's a website I found that will hopefully be helpful

Kayla - posted on 02/03/2011




i wouldnt because if he is like mine he already responds to that name. I loved Sophia till i named my daughter that now im not so sure but i gave her the name and she knows it now. if he doesnt like it he can change it later. let him decide. He may love it. if he doesnt just remember how you feel now and you will be ok. I barely her Sophia before i name her that. So i know how you feel. Im sure all names are going to be popular at one point or another. Besides i like Liam the best anyways...then Jace

[deleted account]

I will b direct...I think it is hard for you because Ur heart hasn't totally accepted the name although it is very popular and is a short and sweet name for a boy...on the other hand Ur husband has accepted are analytical and problem solvers by nature, hence reluctance to change. I named both our children and also spelt their names the way I wanted to cause I knew I wasn't going to be happy otherwise. The fact is he is 8 months old almost and u still not happy tells me that u will resent it and repent it always. So go ahead listen to Ur heart talk to Ur husband and change it once and for all... But remember there is no going back... I hope I haven't left u more confused ... lol...

Rachel - posted on 01/31/2011




it would be hard if u dont like it but if he knows his name as liam i personally wouldnt change it now just because it would be so confusing and when he grows up his older fam wil prob tel him "ohhhh ur name was liam for 7 1/2 months then we changed it" ..... but it is totally ur decision i hope u dont leave it too late if u do change it u should do it right away if ur gonna i hope my msg makes sense lol

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