Which Deity should have the cornerstone on all things faith driven?

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"Let's pretend for a minute that a higher power exists (for the sake of an off topic arguement lol). Out of the numerous deities there are which would have a cornerstone on all things "faith driven" or said to be faith driven (ie love, compassion, hope...) and why?

The reason I ask this is because in so many posts that touch on any of these type of characteristics I always see at least one poster say that you need (insert higher power here) to have those things. He/She created them and imbued humans with them. Many times I see this with mainly Christians and Muslims (not that other religions are immune). The thing is that Islam and Christianity are the youngest world religions. So shouldn't the older deities (such as the Sumerian deities which were around at least 200 years before the OT) be given the credit on all things faith related?

I guess I just don't understand how some of the youngest religions claim to have it all figured out when there are older religions that are still practiced today and teach very similar things. What happened, did your (general) god come along and show that these other deities were unworthy and not as great as him/her and take over, taking all the credit for him/herself?"

(Thoughts/point of view on this??)


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thanks Amy! I get the answers from my cat.. and now we go back to Egypt.

I like the mother nature idea,and to be honest, i'm not familiar enough with various religions to know what they believe. I see some googling in my future.

be back later when i have a better answer, but right now, i'm going with my cat, lil death.

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ahh...gaia...the name that was to be for my daughter but belonged to our first (lost) child and jsut didn't seem to suit our sofia anyway....I'll admit, I'm pretty ignorant re: religions as my post will prove. all I know is become a jew and you get to go to synogogue once a year and say whoops please forgive me for all the bad shit I've done this year. poof. forgiven. and hey if you can't manage to do that there's a rumour I've heard that once we get to the gates we can say oh man I DID make a mistake...you DO exist. can I come in? and poof...in we go.

but all kidding aside I find buddhism interesting. again , don't know enough about it but what I do know is loving and kind and respectful of ourselves, our earth and each other. as for the wiccan religion. poor wiccans. what a bad rep. find that religion interesting and promising as well.

go barb go...google and enlighten :)
can I get in the gates safe and sound while still living like a heathen?

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It's the Jewish God, Christian God, and Muslim God the same God? Christianity steamed off of Jewdism. Muslims defer from Jewdism at Abraham; the Jews stem from Issac while the Muslims stem from the other son (can't remember his name). So it seems to be the same God.

I haven't done a lot of research on Hindu, the Indians I've met have been either Muslim or Christian.

As for Egyptian, Roman/Greek, and Norse gods there are parallels to eachother as well as to the major religions of today. I feel that some of those teachings and stories have stuck because they are still potient and applicable. At the same time you can go to Mt. Olympus and see there aren't any gods there.

I think for the most part it wasn't a god that showed up another. But the followers of one religion were forceful/very convincing to the followers of another religion. Sadly often times to the demise of those who wouldn't follow.

Jurnee - posted on 09/04/2011




I believe there is one creator of the universe. I say God for simplicity. I do not think that God is male or female, or of any race. I believe most religions are made up of stories told to instill moral codes. I was raised Catholic, so I do fall into that way of thinking at times, its hard to unlearn years of teaching. Mostly I think God is the creator of all, and we are basically on our own to do good or bad, right or wrong accoridng to our conscience. I do not believe there are or were multiiple Gods, just different ways of viewing the Creator. I believe the Creator, is all, so it wouldnt be hard to differentiate all those aspects into seperate entities.I am not sure of an afterlife, it would be nice, but Im not counting on it.

Jenni - posted on 09/04/2011




For what I believe we need in today's world. I'm going to go with the Mother Goddess in Wicca. Although Wicca covers a number of different gods and goddesses. I think we need to get back to mother nature. The Mother Goddess ie: Mother Earth, Gaia, Isis, Lakshi etc. focuses on nature, fertility, nurturing, motherhood. Which is what our world definitely needs to concentrate on. Giving back to nature instead of taking from her. Emphasis on karma, balance and duality. Nurturing our mother earth instead of raping her. :/

Being rid of this ego-centricity that other religions seem to focus on.

Amy - posted on 09/04/2011




barb. she always has the right answer. lol...just kidding.

I don't think there is a named "deity" that perfectly fits the description of what I see as the creator. And a lot of past religions - ancient ones. Are stories. Stories with morals, some scare tactics. some they just made up to feel better about life. Just because some old/ancient religion tells me something i don't believe in, doesn't mean i can't learn from it. And most is perspective. We see a way out, it's good.I think the reason so many people latch on to the "big" religions is because we are told we are accepted and loved for who we are -good and bad. we should TRY to be good, but it's not always possible. and define "good". and mohammed was AFTER Jesus. So really, it's more modern and possibly accurate of a story? who knows. i don't. i didn't live in those times. pretty deep points to ponder on a sunday morning before coffee's up. :)

Jane - posted on 09/04/2011




According to the bits in Genesis about the Jews fleeing Egypt, the Christian God (at that time the Jewish God) did indeed come along and tell all the other gods that they were unworthy. He proved it there by sending a plague that Pharaoh's magician couldn't duplicate, that of the gnats. They could make the flies but not the gnats, proving that Egyptian gods were not as capable as the Christian God.

Later of course he thundered on about not worshiping false gods, like Bal, and so on.

However, personally I don't necessarily agree that is what happened. I figured the magicians were able to make no see 'ems, a form of tiny gnat most folks can't see.

In any case, I believe that each group that comes along with a newer god is quite convinced their god is better, and the one true god, and all of that. If they are persuasive their religion grows and supplants other religions. If not, then they become a small religion, which some folks will label a cult.

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