Kick that baby belly!

For moms who want to lose their baby weight! give advice support and lose that baby weight together!


Online Coaching

Hi there, I'm in New Zealand and offer online personal training. I understand how hard it can be to get to a gym or do exercises having kids and having to deal with work and...


Vanish Tummy Flab!

After having 3 babies, it wasn't the weight that was the hard part to get rid of, it was the extra tummy flab!!!! In October of 2013 I found Advocare. Now hang with me...I was...


Need a Tummy Flab Rescue!

For the most part, I've managed to lose a bunch of weight, still have a ways to go, but most of my body looks ok. However, the area around my middle still has a lot of fat and...



Hi Ladies, I just spent this week fasting, well the first 4 days of the week anyway. I'm hoping it will help me clean out all the toxins and also help with my last month of...