6th Grade Co-Ed Parties

Jennifer - posted on 11/16/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




Am I wrong to be concerned about my daughter being invited to a party for two boys she just recently met in middle school? I don't know their parents. Other friends of mine are letting their daughters go.

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Gwen - posted on 11/18/2008




i wouldn't worryabout the co-ed aspect, (aren't most parties co-ed anymore?) as long as it isn't a sleepover.

But I would DEFINATLY have a conversation with the parents, maybe introduce yourself after school one day? or call and rsvp yourself? But be the one to drop DD off at the party and double check any questions you already asked... supervision, planned activities, ect.

Teresa - posted on 11/17/2008




You can't be too careful! We have a responsibility to know where our kids are - who they're with - who's supervising, etc. It's our job! They may not like it - but it's how we protect them. You wouldn't turn your car keys over to a complete stranger for the evening, would you? How much more valuable is your daughter? Also, if kids don't want to be checked up on - there is usually a reason, right? Check away, Mom! Don't feel bad about it - it's your job!

Hilja - posted on 11/16/2008




Hello and I believe you are not wrong. I have 4 children, 21, 19, 16, and 9. My oldest two are girls. My older children always hated that I needed to talk and meet with parents before they were allowed to go to friend's house that I had never met. I will not know what will happen in the future, but I believe and hope that my children will pass on the same tradition to their kids. It keeps our kids safe. I always want to know if there is going to be adult supervision, is the parent even aware a party or activity is happening and where the activity is happening. My experience (from my own behaviour and my children's) is that kids will get into trouble despite our best intentions to prevent it, but I do know in my heart I always did my best to keep them safe. Hope this helps. Hilja

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