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Sheryle - posted on 01/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 11 year old son is very sensitive, he gets very angry and upset when things aren't going is way.He often lashes out.At the moment this is easily controlled but what about as he gets older.

My hubbie says he'll grow out of it but i'm not so sure.What do you think is it his hormones?

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Linda - posted on 12/03/2013




Hello fellow Circle of Moms user,
My daughter is also very Angry and sensitive, I feed her carrots so she calms down, research says orange foods make kids calm.

Kim - posted on 01/29/2009




My 11 yr old daughter is very angry too - she lashes out and gets frustrated alot.

It isn't as easily controlled for me - and spills over into school. Just an overall problem with authority. It could be hormones - she had started her period around the time she got out of hand. It could also be outside factors like how she is adjusting in school.

But she doesn't talk very openly to me - so its hard for me to figure out the source of the anger.

I started taking her to see a counselor - help her express how she is feeling.

I sought the counselor because I don't have the tools myself to work her through this.

We have been in sessions since Nov and I must say - although she has her moments (Rome wasn't built in a day) she seems to be developing more patience.

he may grow out of it - but only with help. These are the years that will shape him as an adult. If you can help me express himself without outside help Great!! - I do believe his personality is what it is - BUT how he handles himself and his temper as an adult will be a learned behavior - and he can learn to control it our let it control him.

Charlie - posted on 01/29/2009




I would suggest there is something wrong. I have raised two boys - which means that I have had many through my doors constantly. Are there older sibblings? This could be where the problem started. If your son is being picked on or feels inadequate somewhere within himself - he will bottle things up until he blows. If that isn't it, make sure there isn't something of similar nature happening and if that isn't it, sit down and talk to him openly about it and suggest going and seeing a doctor to find out if there is a medical reason. But normal it is not. My youngest son was the same way, he was being picked on and I never knew it. I saw the little picking things, but I never thought he took it quit to heart the way he did - it did do alot of emotional damage - he felt like no one cared or loved him. How sad is that. No, I believe it is something he will grow out of with some help. Just as no two children are alike - no two children can be parented alike. I had to speak to all of my older children and get them to back off and I had to speak to my son about getting tougher. It is a long battle - cause it is easier to believe negative about yourself than good stuff. Keep that in mind with this one. Good luck and best wishes - hope it helped.

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