Anyone else's daughters start growing lots of body hair at 4 years?

Shelley - posted on 06/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there, Has anyone has come across this .... both my girls started growing lots of body hair (arms, legs, bit on back, touch on face) at 4 years. Just wondering if anyone else's child has had this happen? Does it worsen at puberty, stay the same or thin out at some stage? Im worried they have a lifetime of serious hair removal ahead of them. I myself have a few more hairs on my arms and legs then I would like but nothing outrageous. Theirs is much more excessive then mine. Hormonal testing is all clear. Genetics apparently although no one else on either side of the family has it. Would love to hear from some of you on this. Im hoping it will thin out at some point not worsen! Anyone whose teenagers maybe had this happen when they were younger. My girls were not hairy when born. Thanks :)


Louise - posted on 06/29/2012




This normally happends to dark haired girls as the hair is more noticable. If the hormonal testing has come back then this is a mystery. Hopefully it will fall out on its own with fluctuations in their hormones as a teenager or you are going to have to think about hair removal on a permanent basis. Luckily at 4 they wont notice it, but they will when they reach high school.

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