Dying her hair at age 12?

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My oldest daughter Zoee is 12 years old, and just started middle school. Of course, like all the other kids these days, she wants to fit in. She has naturally blonde hair and hates it. Her friends have naturally light brown hair. Zoee has seen me dye my hair several times, and says she wants to dye hers too. I'd let her do it, but I don't want her to get in the habit of dying her hair evey so often, because I started dying my hair when I was 13, and have been ever since. I've told her that she's beautiful with blonde hair, but of course she insists she'd look better with brown hair. So, should I let her dye her hair? Or should she learn to accept her natural hair color? Please help!


Vicki - posted on 09/09/2012




I feel like this is a hard call, like you said she watches you dye your hair and the message you are sending her isnt one that says i accept my hair the way it is!

What if you reached a comprmise that you both can feel comfortable with? What if you sat her down and said ok listen here are what my concerns are....see what she has to say ask her if she can come up with ways to change the hair without having to dye the wole head? What if she kept her main colour but did a thick streak down the front? Or maybe kept the blonde and do a brown underneath? It looks really stylish when the haircut is right.

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