Extracurricular activities?

Julie - posted on 08/08/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Any suggestions for getting kids engaged in extracurricular activities? I can't get my 10 year-old son to do anything but play video games and "hang out".

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Ramona - posted on 08/10/2011




First if he interested in gmes and such why not a computer club or Gaming club. If his school does ot have one, start one! Our Jr High and HS have them. Try some individual sports, not everyone likes team sports, try tennis, fencing, martial arts, bicycling, rock climbing and more. There are clubs for these things eveywhere. Scouts! We love scouts!! If you go to schurch, outh group, again if they don't have one, start one! Ats! Learn to sing, play an instrument, join band, choir or rochestra. Creative wring club? Take a photography, ceramics, or paining class!! My kids are so busy, but in so many things, it is wonderful!

Laura - posted on 08/09/2011




If those are his interests at this time then try joining the Boys & Girls Club! The membership fee is cheap and he will be able to hang out with friends and be able to play LIMITED video games. Boys & Girls Clubs are supervised with structured activities that include playing games and physical activities. My daughter LOVES going to our local "Club" rather than sit at home. Check your local YMCA, too, for after-school programs and activities. The membership to the Y is more expensive, but many of their programs don't require an actual membership.

Next try finding out what other things he likes. After-school clubs, the library, and your local parks department may have programs that would appeal to those interests. Hope this helps and good luck!

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