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How will you train your child to be responsible and interested in their studies?


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Well... this should be an everyday work and it should start form a very young age of the child - like few months!! Yes, don't laugh... It's up to us the parents to choose those kind of toys for our kids who are creative and put their mind to work and we can find them in specialized shops. We have them here in Europe under the name of Early Learning Toys. Then after 2-3 years of age we will start reading books to our children absoluthy every night. They will love it - not only the story, but also to be with you every night at the bed- time for some minutes. Also kids are very curious and I know they can be very pesty sometimes, but under no circumstances must we let a question without an answer. Even though sometime we might not know the answer we must look for it in a book/dictionary/ internet. This way kids will SEE US studying and interested in this direction and so they will follow the pattern. Also they will get to have an interest to find new things and at some point they will understand that by going to school they will get to find out much more new things. At the same time we must teach them that by learning they will get to have a job and earn their living when they will be old enough. According to how well they will learn the job will be more or less well payed. After school starts, we still have to guide them and keep contact with the kids until we understand what are the subjects they are better with and try to lead them to a job based on their prefferences. School must be fun and challenging and as less stressing as possible. This is how I did with my kids, I know it's hard, I also had to cook/clean/go to work like manny other moms, but if you really really want to, you will find the way too...Above all - don't forget to be also kind, loveing and very funny! It really woth...

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