Help need input! Should I keep my son back in the third grade?

Melissa - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all, I need some input. My son is in the thrid grade right now , the problem isn't with the school work,. It is just that he is immature for his age. When he started kindergarden they said he wasn't ready so we put him in a pre-k. he did great. But then, when it came time to decide where to go the next year , the decision was made to put him into first grade, mostly due to the argument , if he was held back , he would be 19 when he graduated.Then they worry he would be less likely to finish school. He has been the "youngest acting" in his class every year since. I feel terrible that he is having to struggle so much. He is smart as a whip , just doesn't want to stop playing yet. His teacher this year mentioned the option of holding him back a year , due to the maturity level. I think it might be the best thing for him, but i want to make sure he knows it isn't because he can't do the work....Input ?

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Ladyallwayzz - posted on 05/19/2012




no holding him back will only cause hi to be bored in class, and possibly act out, which will only get worse as he begins to feel self conscious, and think that there is something worng with him. you should make shure, though, that there isn't anything else going on, like ADD. I'm not an advocate of this, I'm just saying, incase there is something. . help him to understand, that there is a time and place for everything, and when he's home he can play, but not in school. by the waym statically, boys do matrue later, and it would have been best had he not been put in school at all thil he was at least 6. you could always homeschool him, if you think you have the time, and desire, if not,maybe some after school activities can help, or weekend ones to burn up some of that energy.

Lucy - posted on 02/06/2012




I don't think that would do him any justice. You don't want him to get used to 3rd grade, because he may act out and never want to change so that he can move on. I am not an expert, and of course can only offer my opinion, but I think that maybe at home if possible a routine be set forward so that he understands play time and work time, I am a full believer in positive reinforcement. Children thrive on it. Just keep telling him wow great job when he finishes some type of work, whether it be a chore or homework, then reward him with a little play time, so that he understands work at this age comes first, you still have about 4-5 months left to the year. You still have time.. but I wouldn't hold him back.. Good luck!!

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