Hoping son makes friends in middle school.

Georgiann - posted on 08/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My soon to be a 6th grader. Is afraid that he wont make any friends at his new school.He wont be going to the neighborhood school( problems with other kids). My son has his older cousin that is going to the same school. I think there are only 3 kids that my son knows from his elementry school that would be going there. He lacks self confidence in himself and in others do to the previous school year. how can I boost his confidence and help him through this big milestone in his life?

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Laura - posted on 08/03/2010




For starters, relax! It sounds like you are the one who is worried about his making friends--what does your son actually think or feel about it? While this is a transitional year for him, it is also a transitional time for the other students too, so he won't be alone!

There are things that you can encourage your son to do in order to give him opportunities to make friends: As mentioned already, he can join a sports team. Encourage him to join any after-school clubs or programs that might be offered that interest him. In many schools, 6th grade is when kids can learn an instrument through band or orchestra programs so consider signing him up to learn an instrument. Ultimately it will be up to him to make those connections with the other kids--offer to host a "Back to School" party (pizza & a movie!) and have him invite some of his new classmates over. Remember, kids are very perceptive and will pick up on the emotions of their parents. If you show you have confidence in him he will pick up on that and he'll be more likely to have confidence in himself. My own daughter is starting middle school, so I know what it's like and I know she'll do just fine! Good luck with school!

Kimberly - posted on 08/03/2010




Is he planning on doing any sports? 6th grade was the first year we let our son play football. Though my son is small for his age and football is not really his sport, it was a good year to play. Over half of the kids had not ever played before either and the guys were together so much that there was a definite comradery. For a lot of the kids 6th grade is the only year they play. If football is definitely out, cross country is also a fall sport.

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