how can i help my daughter?


Louise - posted on 04/29/2012




I had to read this twice! If your daughter goes to school and tells a teacher that YOU physically abused her and then sexually abused her YOU are in deep shit! What you have done to this girl is disgusting, what on earth made you strip her naked in front of her male family members and left her there for three hours. I can understand a slap around the face ONCE in sheer disgust, but come on 6 or 7 times. Lady your in a heap of trouble. Your daughter does need help by the sounds of it and it is not going to come from you. My heart goes out to her, it really does irrelevant of those pictures she was sending she did not deserve that from her mother. Anger and disgust yes but not what you did. If I new you personally I would shop you to child services myself. Your daughter will never ever forget how humiliated she was by you. I hope she finds the help she needs and fast. What you have done is illegal and that poor girl needs help.

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