How can my family learn to stop eating like crap and start eating healthy?

Mama Bear - posted on 01/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Neither my husband or I enjoy cooking nor do we have much time on weeknights. We do make a point of eating together as a family, but most of the time it is frozen pizza, casseroles from a box, etc. My mom never really taught me how to cook and it is starting to take a toll on my family. I have a ten year old daugher who is on the high end of normal BMI for her height/weight according to her last checkup. The doctor did not seem overly concerned, but I am afraid she is getting heavier. I recently noticed she has cellulite on her legs and bottom and she complains her clothes are too tight so all she wants to wear are yoga pants. She is an active girl but all she wants to eat is pasta, white bread and sweets (ice cream, candy, cookies, soda, etc). My husband has started to comment on her eating habits and told me to stop buying junk food. I tried to cut out all snacks between meals except for fruit, but she and her siblings complained and whined and the fruit didn't get eaten and I ended up throwing it out (none of the other 3 kids have weight issues). I don't know how to turn things around in this house as far as our eating habits. I don't know how to cook anything healthy that they would actually eat - plain grilled chicken breasts and steamed veggies seem pretty dull. My daughter will be starting junior high in the fall and I am afraid her weight is going to become an issue for other kids to tease her so I want to help her (and myself) get in shape asap! Any ideas???


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Ok so it will be a big change for everyone and will take some time to get used to it but stand your ground. Offer fruit or healthier snacks such as rasins, nuts, veg sticks yes they arent used to it but if they are really hungry they will eat it. As for meals switch white bread to wholemeal then once there used to that to multigrain, buy low fat mayo and sauces, try to stay away from the cereals that are packed with sugar and offer a lower gi cereal. Night meals dont have to be huge big deals, steamed veggies or a salad with different meats is fine, if you like stir frys chop up some veggies, brown meat,onions and garlic put veggies in with sauce that you want ( or make your own) and serve with rice on the side. Make speghetti and meat sause by using three reg can of tom soup, some tom paste, onion garlic, herbs, shred carrots and zuccini into it and they will never know they are eating veggies in pasta. Get a large tin of tuna cook some pasta, mix together with tuna bake sauce and put into the oven for 30 mins with some cheese on top, with the chicken breast make a honeymustard sauce to go over it( mix honey and djion mustard together) Get everyone helping and thinking of ideas of what to have and make one night a week something that they love but healthier so pizza but do homemade on pita pockets and everyone gets to make there own( smaller serves and more healthy choices) Just start out and yes they will get there backs up but they will come around as well and dont go to sever the other way because what you want them to have is a good balance between healthy food with the odd treat so they dont go crazy the next time candy is put in front of them. Also go for walks as a family or do activities that get you moving so go skating swimming etc good luck with it

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