How do I stop my teenager from hanging around the wrong people?

Tj - posted on 02/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is my life. She can really pick the wrong kind of friends though. Some of her friends are cursing all of the time. Running around with older boys and having sex. Not to mention smoking and doing who knows what else. When I try to explain to her that the people you hang around with can affect your actions she basically tells me to quit being so judmental and that she needs to pick her friends not me! UGH!!! Is what I say. I know from experience that if your friends are doing things that you normally wouldn't do, chances are you will wind up doing it also...


Adrienne - posted on 02/05/2012




wow. that's a tough one. my 13 yr old has a pretty good group of friends but I've noticed that when somethings going on that doesn't feel right her and another girl (who usually pack together) will leave the group. They make an excuse that they have to be home or they have someplace to go or other plans. Hopefully she has taken to heart that you raised her well and she will make good decisions (how old is she). Does she have interests? Maybe she enjoys art, crafts, writing, singing, sports, anything. If so sign her up for a class even if its just once a week that will get her to make some new friends and she may not leave the old friends but her time will now be split between the old the new and now a 'fun' class. my daughter is involved with cheer and gymnastics so that takes up a lot of time and now most of her friends are from cheer and gymnastics. Also talk to her about smoking sex and drugs and the negative effect it has. My 13 yr old and her friends found out what its like having a baby around (i have a 3 yr old) and after she was born with the crying and middle of the night feeding and the now tantrums etc none of them want to have sex or have babies (i know that will change but at least there will be no teen pregnancy's). And unfortunately her and of a few of her friends have seen first hand what drinking and drugs do to people so that is why i'm saying to talk to her about it cause she could already be seeing it.

Hope everything works out.

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