How does a girl's period get going? Does it start all @ once or is it normal to just spot for a while?

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Sara - posted on 05/05/2012




my daughter started her period all at once but it is different maybe for other girls. hers is 3 days and regular. it may hurt at first but her periods will get easier. i suggest that if she doesnt start tell her to be patient because my daughter started at 11 and she wanted to start at 13! so make sure she is wearing a sanitary protection if she is getting cramps because it may mean her period is coming very soon!

Louise - posted on 04/30/2012




No periods can last for a couple of days at first. Normally they are irregular and can strike at any time for the first year. Once established they are regular and can last up to 7 days. Periods in some young girls can be very painful and the pain can cause them to faint. Talk to your daughter to make sure she is comfortable about the entire process that is going to happen to her and then when it does make sure she is not in any pain.

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