I have a 12 old Daughter her birthday is in September, and she is just been really moody, and Rude, she even argues with me right in my face, we live in apartment I just know our neighbors can hear it, which is embarrassing, I took her phone away, I don't know what to do about her. her dad lives like 3 hours away from here but if I called him would that be me giving up on her?

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Elizabeth - posted on 07/10/2012




Its "the phase". All girls are hideous about this age. Sounds llike you and dad are no longer together,, but if you have a good relationship when it comes to your child, I would suggest a united front there...Maybe you can work on the problem together. don't give up and calling dad isn't a sign of defeat but a call for help in a crazy situation.

Julie1123 - posted on 07/10/2012




I know how you feel. My 12 year old daughter is behaving the same way. She talks rudely to me, is demanding, tells me I am annoying, and doesn't want me to hug or kiss her anymore- yet she still wants me to wait on her, make snacks for her, etc. I have taken her iPod away a few times for instances of really mean behavior toward me- and she will be okay for a day or so, then it's back to Little Miss Snippy again! :(

I know it is just a phase. Two years ago my 14 year old was moody, irritable, and cried a lot, not so much mean to me like my younger daughter, but more dramatic/tearful. She has a more passive personality than my younger. Now she is a little more mellow and easygoing at 14.

I guess it's just that 12 and 13 year old girls' brains and hormones are going through so many changes. There is stress also- school becomes harder, friendships get nasty and full of drama, boys get on their minds- just all those things are harder for them to deal with.

What helps with my daughter is to try to talk with her when I am on a drive alone with her, or anytime when she is not in one of her moods. I praise her when she is in a nice mood and is acting decently toward me. Catch her in a good phase, and give her attention then. My problem is I often don't pay enough attention to her because I have a 5 year old, and both her dad and I are busy. So the behavior might be a way to get attention. Good luck.

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