I have a 15 and 14 year old daughter and a 16, 11, stepsons and a 9 year old step daughter. My 15 year old girl was doing things she shouldnt of last year skipping school with friends mot doing well in school sending inapropiate messages to boys, so I took her and put her on birth cotrol not to condone sex but to prevent pregnacy, she says shes a virgin and I believe her but I got pregnant with her at 15 and droped out of school so I dont want her to follow in my footsteps. My mom and sister dont like the idea of her being on birth control they think im condoning sex.

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Sarah - posted on 02/05/2013




My daughter is only 1 year old. However, when she has her period for the first time she will be put on birth control. I will preach no sex until married or at least old enough and responsible enough to deal with the possible consequences, but I know that teens make some decisions that are in the heat of the moment. I will hope and pray that my daughter will not make such decisions, but if she does she will be on birth control and have the knowledge about condoms and STD's. I think, with your 15 year old sending inappropriate messages to others, while she may not intend on have sex, you are still protecting her.

Rhianna - posted on 02/03/2013




I think you did the safe thing for pregnancy however i would have her watch the movie "KIDS "and the movie "and the band played on "don't tell her what they are about(aids&stds) just watch with her and make it clear boys can and will do any thing for it but once its over so is the relationship most of the time make sure she knows she can come to u with any thing that means if u want to know the BIG stuff you will have to let some small things go or she will clam up and rebel but if you make sure she feels you are on her side a lot of acting out will be voided and also with all the changes in he going on try to avoid big changes around her and don't loose her in the shuffle she seems to feel a bit ignored.

DEBORAH - posted on 01/29/2013




I am a mother of four girls three boys. I was fortunate that I didnt have those types of problems with my girls now adults. I do however have one daughter who is only 5 and so I pray that she does not rebel. I know that a lot of people think that by placing young girls on birth control it is considered condoning sex acts. However, I am a ex employee of an abortion clinic and because I have witness many teenage girls go through these awful procedures. It is a traumatic decision for the young child as it is for the parents. And the even worse part is that the girls would hide it for so long that when the parents did find out, the pregnancy had almost reached a due date. I think you are wise and It is definitely your decision as a parent to make that call for your daughter. It would also be in the best interest to educate your daughter, a good idea is to pull up pictures of all the STD's that can be passed on by sex and of course explain the outcome if contracted with the different venereal infections.. The pill is not a to prevent stds and i have witinessed many of young and older women with many different STD's. SO i think your a doing the right thing !!! I wish you much luck ! and GOD BLESS!

User - posted on 01/16/2013




Definitely not an easy decision to make. We all want to shield our children from hurt and dont want them to grow up so fast. The truth is, unfortunately, if you are already seeing changes in her that are of concern, the best thing you can do is not to turn a blind eye.

At the sametime, talk to her, talk to her, talk to her. Just because she is on birth control still DOES NOT mean that she has to have sex. Talk to her until you are blue in the face. Teens do listen, even if we dont think they are. Let her know the consequences of having sex before you are ready.
My daughter is 17 and thought she was ready a year ago. We had some heart to heart talks and it seems I somehow got through to her. She has decided to wait, at least a little bit longer. Every little bit counts. This June she graduates from high school, and I will be some proud and happy for her that she decided to make the right choice.

Patricia Ann - posted on 01/12/2013




I know you made the right decision ,and the parents need to realize that we do our best to watch over them but ,its hard when they arrive at that age that they are interested in sex,its not abnormal.....preventing babies and std infections are at the top of our list,along with hoping that they dont have sex at all,but in the event that they do ,they are well equipped......you are the mom of your daughter,and your mother should let you mother her the way you see fit ......good luck mom, just keep calm so your daughter will be able to talk to you about these things and you can help stear her through it....

Ariana - posted on 01/12/2013




I think it's a good idea. If you know she's sending inappropriate messages and is acting a bit out of control then it's better to be safe than sorry. She may not be planning on having sex but teenagers are impulsive at the best of times so it's better to try and keep her from getting pregnant then hoping she's responsible enough to not.

Try to make sure she knows about waring condomns and STD's etc and the misconceptions about that. Try to be open and honest about sex and make sure she realizes your views on it. I think it's the safe move to do, and it's really no one elses business.

I mean it's also coming from your mom who didn't put you on birth control and you got pregnant at 15 (obviously you love your daughter very much but you also understand how it could be harmful for the same to happen to her).

Do what you feel is right in this situation.

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