Interracial Marriages: why is it an issue?

Luvmia - posted on 02/22/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




Good evening fellow mommies!

I have heard, read and discussed with other women about interracial marriages. And I must admit, after all the sacrifices that people like Martin Luther King, Jr. have made, interracial marriages are plagued by ignorances of other people, including there families. Why should anyone care about whom someone else chooses to be with? I could care less.

Any thoughts?


Deidre - posted on 02/24/2012




I am a product of an interracial couple. I'm also unclear as to the real reasons why it's an issue. I do however know of some possibilities. Only from what I've heard around the bend.

Some say it's to keep the sanctity of a single race. I've heard people say if we keep inter mixing the races then we will all be one color at the end. Meaning we won't be unique.

Other say it's to protect the couple from outward prejudices. People stare and make faces. They are also very verbal about their disgust in some areas.

I have a friend who doesn't have a problem with people dating outside their race, but when it comes to marriage and children, BOY the gloves come off!!

I feel people are just stuck in what their passionate about. Most people don't have an opinion until it happens in THEIR family. Like, saying "I'm not prejudice" and then finds out his daughter is marrying a BLACK man and he loses his mind!! Or sometimes people are raised a certain way then grow up and want to rebel against parents.

I'm with Patricia on the subject as a whole. As strongly as I agree, we really don't ACTUALLY know what we would do if it was our son coming home wanting to marry another man... I am say I would support everything, but would I really? Time can only tell. I hope I am as mature then as I am Now... ~D

Patricia - posted on 02/24/2012




I couldn't agree more. Not only is it interracial marriages that are plagues by ignorance but also same sex marriages. Who are they harming? NO ONE!!! It's their life, not mine. The only time I care about whom someone chooses to be with is when it is an abusive relationship. I have no tolerance for physical or mental abuse. But I don't care what color they are, their sexual preference, whether or not they have tattoos/piercings, what kind of job they have, who their family is, or anything else you could think of. Just love each other and treat each other with respect.

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Litchfield - posted on 06/07/2012




The biggest issue that I have with interracial marriage is that marriage is difficult enough without cultural discrepencies. My only advice/concern is that these differences get addressed before marriage which is "suppose" to be forever to only one person. So let me be clear, it isn't the people's color that matters as much as their cultural differences that I think is the issue. There are a segment of people who sterotype cultures based on skin color and so it becomes a racial issue based on superficial enigmas. If people who marry have the same values and morals then the interracial (cultural) marriage is more likely to work than if not.
Just my opinion.

Allison - posted on 06/04/2012




I agree. Im actually only 14 years old. I made an account to see what other parents think. I do have a boyfriend who is mixed. My mom knows his mom pretty well and his dad. She doesn't know were dating yet though. I haven't told her because one day in the car me and my friend were talking about celebrities we would love to date. I said Jaden Smith. All my mom said was "Isn't he black?" And i said "yeah so, is that a problem?" And she said "It kinda is". This makes me nervous to tell her about my boyfriend. He's not a bad kid at all, his moms a nurse and he has good grades but i don't know if she'll approve. Most of all he's mom and my mom are friends so if she didn't like his mom they wouldn't be friends right? and his mom is balck so i think my mom had that big of an issue they wouldn't be friends either. I just don't understand her issues on me dating black or mixed people.

SHERRI - posted on 02/25/2012




it depends, for me it was his side they are white and I'm black my family welcome him with no problem and outside people could be difficult so try and live where there are couple like you.

Kimberly - posted on 02/25/2012




Interracial marriages, same sex marriages, abotions, adoptions, breastfeeding/ bottle feeding it all falls in the same boat for me. Its taking the vouage on 'WHO THE HELL CARES AND WHATS IT TO YOU!!!' If you are lucky enough to find someone that you love enough to take the vow of spending the rest of your life together then who cares what colour or sex or country your from?!? I look at it this way, until it effects me and my marriage then its none of my bussiness what other people choose to do marriage, sexual or other wise. I married the man I love and have a beautiful daughter with him, what we choose to do with our family is our choice just like everyone else. I think it is very sad in this day and age that people are still judged on colour and being gay, we are so much smarter then 50 years ago but still just as ignorant so until we change our way of thinking we will make lives of people we dont even know very hard and thats just not right. People need to worry more about themselves then what everyone else is doing!

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