my 11 year old daughte and all her attitude

Laura - posted on 07/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daugher is a great A and B student. She is an awesome daughter exept for all this attitude that seems to be coming from her all day long. Many times it's even when I am trying to help her decide something that will benefit her or question her about. Is anyone having this issue with their child and what methods of punishments are you using?

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Leslie - posted on 07/16/2012




hello laura this is where i stand aswell my daughter is a nice and respectful kid great comments from the principle and teachers i have 5 kids in total but she is 11 and there is times she snaps and carried her attitude aswell and because she does it the other kids think its ok but i sit and talk to her about it just like louise said there is alot of parents out there that dont give there kids the time ah day but if u dont correct them now who will just like L said sit and talk to her let her speak her mind out then tell her to listen to you this is very importent on a closer bond with our children it has worked for me so far but i did ground her from any electronics for a week just to show her that im seriouse bout the choices and actions she does hope things get better for u

Louise - posted on 07/15/2012




I would sound her out on it. Ask her why she would say such things or why the attitude. If you dont check her on it she will carry on. Have it out with her and tell her that it is disrespectful, she can do it at school but at home it stops at the front door. Tell her that her comment was hurtful or aggressive wouldn't it be better to say......... instead. Teach her how to rephrase things so she does not upset people. She is about to hit puberty so she will be hitting the hormone stage soon. Let some things go, just put it down to hormones, but challenge her when it gets to much.

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