My 11 year old just started middle school

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My daughter just started 6th grade this year and she is super excited..I have been talking to her all summer that its more responsibility than elementary have to be responsible for getting all you work assignments and turning them in...well she seem off to a good start the first 2 weeks..but now it going back to last year where I have to probe her constantly to make sure her assignment are on time or done...she gets excellent class grades but because she wont turn in homework or an assignment on time it decreases her grade..I am very frustrated because I want to know when will she get it...throughout elementary school I constantly stayed in contact with her teachers because of this..Middle school is alot difference..any experience moms can help me...also her interest is more into her arts such as singing, dancing or writing songs..I don't mind that but now I've told her we won't be doing any extra curricular like that if she dont bring home a & b's this I being to hard.


Vicki - posted on 09/14/2012




I had a son who was like this in school as well. What I did was he couldnt have privalages until his homework was done, no tv computer games going out etc etc..... I explained to him that being a student comes with responsibilities and part of that is completing all assignments and handing them in on time! The natural consenquence for her actions would be getting low grades

I found that the more I pushed the more he dug his heels in and it became a power struggle. I think as a parent all you can do is allow the time for them to complete their homework and take privallages away if it isnt done the rest has to be up to her. She has to be the one who cares about getting As and Bs

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