My daughter is turning 16 next month, Any ideas on a budget friendly party??

Angie - posted on 11/12/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey my beautiful daughter is turning 16 yrs old on the 23rd of Dec. We have been trying to come up with something for her party and between the two of us we can't come up with anything off the top of our heads. Anyone got any budget friendly party ideas for a bunch of silly giggly 15-16 yr old girls?


Tami - posted on 11/13/2009




A trip to the mall. Even if they do not have lots of money, girls love to walk around the mall, at least mine do. Turn them loose at 1 and pick them up at 5. In a group they should be safe with out mom along. Rent some movies, 4 at least, popcorn, and as another poster suggested non alcoholic cold duck. Let them stay up all night watching movies. Depending on where you live and the temperture outside, have a bonfire with hot dogs and smores. Buy some of those diposible cameras for the girls to take pictures of each other the whole day. Go to good will or a vintage clothing store and try on clothes to see who can make the worst or best outfit of vintage clothes. No need to buy. Take pictures!

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Ann - posted on 11/16/2009




I love all those ideas. It could even be a picnic in the winter woods. Lots of blankets, great hot food made by you and her, sledding or boarding on some hill then back for hot cocoa and a themed movie night. Do you have friends that have Christmas themed love stories or movies? Oldies are great but you could ask around. Miracle on 24th st., Hall mark, etc. Any chick flick you could borrow! then do a spa treatment. Have her friends bring whatever nail, hair and beauty products they have that are clean and not old (a couple of months at most) and have fun! Do up the hair and nails, dress up and go for dessert out! You can't make it much cheaper. You can even make it an expensive dessert at a fancy restaurant, since all you are buying is dessert, and you can share! 2 or 3 desserts for 4 or 6 girls!

There are a lot of places and things you could do. Really, just make it special and unique and it should work!

Rhonda - posted on 11/14/2009




If possible a slumber party the weekend prior would be great! Hve her keep the guest list to a manageable number and the idea of baking the cake together is great! Pizza[ not necessarily delivered], chips, cokes, or finger sandwiches. Keep it simple. As long as your daughter has her good friends and they have good music and snacks they'll be fine! Weren't we at that age?

Dawn - posted on 11/13/2009




Hi, I can only tell you what I did for my daughter's 16th birthday this year. We had a huge party, we invited all of our family and friends, had a big snack buffet style table...grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and brats ( which is her favorite). All of the snacks were her favorites...chips and dips that sort of thing...I make and decorate cakes, so she got to choose what flavor and style of cake...and I made three individual cakes, all different flavors, but the same color icing which was her favorite colors...and for a gift, she got several outfits, and a one hundred dollar Visa gift card (which she could use anywhere..I got it from our bank)...I had been ordering and picking up the clothing for several months before her birthday so the expense didn't come all at one time. She loved it all. There was no certian theme, just things about her. And of course you know at 16, everything is about The cost for the food was around $100...but the gifts were closer to $300...maybe more...then of course everyone that came brought a gift...most brought money in a card...she was The year before that we did a horse back riding thing...she got to choose a friend to take along, then we had a family dinner and cake. She had never been horse back riding, but I knew she loved horses, so I contacted a horse farm to find out if they would give her a one time riding lesson and allow her to ride for a couple of hours...we found a place and she did really well...the lady told her she was a natural...and in the one lesson she did real well...and she loved it. So, there are lots of things you can do...that are different, but fun for a teen...consider her, what she likes and how mature she is...and go from there. You know her best. Oh, btw...the horse back riding lesson for both girls and riding for an hour or two was only $60 or so. In some areas that could be more. But still affordable. Good luck and post the outcome of the party and let us know what you did and how it went.

Daniela - posted on 11/12/2009



2 already have the house decorated for Christmas which is a plus...

bake the cake together - something she likes...this will be good because she can tell her friends she baked the cake and will also make her feel proud of herself....usually girls her age are not really interested into eating much so 2 boxed of appetizers ( B&J wholesale club, Sam's or Costco) are cheap and the perfect snack for them...and then for a play you can get from Walgreen's and big box of make -up (about $ 9.99) and let them go sister loved that at her 16th was so much fun, we all got crazy with make-up colors and took a lot of pictures for scrapbook...we also voted for the " best craziest look"...

between the cake, snacks and make-up you should only spend $ 100 or less...ohhh! don't forget the sparkling grape as fake "champagne" for kids.

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