My step-daughter lies all the time

Melinda - posted on 02/24/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




What can I do about my step-daughter lying all the time. She will lie about the stupidest things. I have tried everything I can think of. Please help.
The way she is is making me not like her. I am to the point to where I don't want to be around her most of the time. I love her dearly but don't like her. Is this normal?

Ps my husband and I have only been married for 8 mths

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Felicia - posted on 02/24/2010




I agree with Veronica. It sounds like she is having trouble adjusting to her dad's new wife. I think maybe you ought to spend some one on one time with her. Show her that you are not the enemy. I have a stepson and we have a terrific relationship. In fact, I love him just like my own biological kids.

Veronica - posted on 02/24/2010




Sounds like she is testing you. She may be trying to break you, she may not be happy that her dad married someone else. You just have to show her that you love her unconditionally, she may feel like you have replaced her mother and possibly her that you are taking her dad's attention. Just give her time. You may try to sit down with your family and have an open discussion about things that may be bothering each of you. Let the children know that they will not get in trouble for anything they may say (you want to know what they are thinking and feeling), then try to work with each other for solutions that will make everyone happy.

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