Please adivise me what to do with my 19 year old she not a bad kid.

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I have a 19 years old daughter she in college and work but she always in a bad mood when she get home all she do is complain about anything and she never shut up she always want to be right, al she help me is paying 50$ a month, she has chg so much we had this huge argument and i kick her out , I’m so depress I never been apart from her, but I can’t stand the argument between her sibling my middle is 15 and my youngest is 11, what to do I have not stop crying since she left.She was such i sweet girl imgave her everthing,im a single mother, Imalways give her advice on life but she seen not to listen, she think she know it all she say that time has chg and when i was growing up thier was not much preasure about drinking and drug, I told her actually when i was growing up drug was everywhere and it was much easier to get dealer will be in a corner, and cop will not even bother to search,know is much harder cuase u need to look for it, not like i was growing up it was hippy time..all that has chg is technology,we had bully back then, stalker rapist ect. wht to do???? please help.


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Hi, I have both adult children and new young ones. I also have adult and baby grandchildren. NO I'm not old just married my 1st husband at a young age and he is 17 years older. I have a large blended family...from my ex and my new hubby. Anyways, one of my daughter was rebellious. She wouldn't listen for anything and caused financial difficulties trying to get her out of trouble. Eventually, I had to do tough love. It was the most Hurtful and Hardest thing, I prayed alot. Today she is 21, has a son 2 years old, getting her GED, preparing for college in the fall, and unfortunately has been diagonozed with 1 of the rarest health conditions in the world. She suffers in pain daily and even after 4 surgical procedures all the drs know its uncureable. Most drs dont even know what to do. That sucks.
Don't give up. In time they come around but they end up suffering along the way. However, you must take care of your other children and especially your health to be able to handle whatever she puts in your life. If you need someone to talk to I'm here online almost daily::))

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