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My once affectionate, respectful girl has turned into someone I don't even know. I yell at her and I know I shouldn't. I would like to communicate with her, in an appropriate manner. She is only 14 and looks about 18. She has a delinquit father and I have some mental issures. Depression, that sometimes overwhelms me. There are so many bad things that cn happen to a beautiful teenage girl that is scary. I am coming up to devil's night, which happenned to be the worst night of my life as my daughter was assaulted. Any input would be appreciated. [pEace out. Ellen


Jana - posted on 10/23/2008




Ellen I know how it is to have a daughter who looks older then she actually is. mine is 12 and looks like she is about 16. She is a very beautiful girl(not being biosed or anything) but give her a little space. I know that sounds bad but have you tried just sitting down and talking to her about what might be bothering her? I know my daughter and I go through our lil spats and I suffer from bipolarism amongst other mental disabilities, but wait, are you on any kind of medication for your depression? If not you might want to if so then make sure it is doing it's job, some med's don't do what they are suppose to, trust me I have gone through many b4 finding this one. Anyway, try sitting down and talking to her, I also know that the closer the blood relative is to someone who suffers from any mental disability will inherit it or more then likely will, check that out also. Now with the devil's night........r u supersticious? Don't always try to hold onto something that happened, that can't be changed, did you daughter get any help for her assault? B4 I go any further could u answer my questions if you don't mind? I don't want to say anything or give any advice you have already heard, I have a BS in psych, will be done with school in 8 weeks. Counseling is my degree if that makes it any better but I don't know. Jana

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