Step Daughter Where Are You?

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My Step-Daughter is 11, turning 12 in January, and currently lives in PA with her Grandparents approx 3 hours away. She visits with us (also in PA) 1 weekend a month, 3 weeks during the summer, and longer visits during the holidays depending on her school schedule. Her Mom currently lives in Texas (long story for another time). I just had a baby in August, a little girl, which my Step-Daughter DESPERATELY wanted. She currently has a 1/2 brother who lives with her Dad and I and a 1/2 brother and a step brother with her Mom and new husband. To my disappointment, she has shown little to no interest in coming to meet her sister let alone visit with us. I realize that she's getting older and busier with a social life, but at what point is it ok to say enough is enough? When is it OK to stop making excuses for her and forcing her to take responsibility? I feel worse for my husband who feels very unloved and appreciated.

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