Teen pregnancy.

Caity - posted on 12/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Soo after being on this site for some time it has become apparent that there are a lot of strong opinions about the subject of Teen Pregancy. I was a teen mum at barely 16 my partner was 17, we are still together to this day after seven years, very much in love, our daughter is soon to be five and we are planning baby number two before we are married. We are not religious and don't beleive we are all deemed to go to hell for bringing such wonderful pieces of life on to the earth. I want to know how people can turn there noses and find it so easy to lump us all into this one group of disfunctional teenagers who apparently can't possibly feel love or be a good parent at such a young age... what are your own feelings towards teen pregnancy and why do you feel this way? is it lack of knowledge or acceptance of the few opinions of others, what makes a teen mum, a teen mum other than the fact she is a teenager? is there a line that can be drawn for teen mums who dedicate there time to raising there baby and also work on being succesful in life just like any other parent would? or are we all just the same because we are "teens"?. i know there are people in the world who are less cappible parents, who couldn't tie there own shoes let alone teach a child to tie theres, who couldn't read a book to themselves let alone read one to their child, yet thats acceptabe to society they get judged less than us so called "teen mums" just because they have a piece of jewlery on there finger or theyr older. I was a fabulous teen mum and although i am truely glad to not have to be one any longer, it is not through regret it is simply that i no longer have to deal with the judgment of other small minded people. i would never judge a mother by her age, heck i don't even ike the term "teen mum" i have learnt this and feel it's time the world opened it's eyes.


Juliana - posted on 12/28/2012




you are so strong. its never a tragedy bringing a beauty into this world even at a young age.as long as your family supports you.good luck♥

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