teenager 14 son a nightmre!

Shama - posted on 08/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my eldest son wants me to give him the adoption papers so he can live with his grandma,hes obsessed with her,i was forced into an arranged marriage when i was young and was drugged by his violent dad,i never accepted him,but he uses me bullies his younger brother,hes manipulative,steals,lies,is spolit by my mum,and i cant take the stress anymore,hes always there with her,my mum is bad too she disrespects me in front of him and is the thorn,he gets spoilt when hes thewre and fussy so she puts up with it,anyways im not working,am on benefits am pregnant again,but i have this father here with me now-long story,my youngest sons father have no contact with.my dad died and my mum went loopy,and always is abusive to me, she demands extra shopping when my eldest son is there at hers,i cant afford both,then she threatens me she will go to child services and my eldest son says he will call police,and school and child services.my dad isnt around and my precious partner died i havent been the same since,i am in debt,no job am with someone who i care about and he hasnt got money at the moment.i have no life,im thinking to end my life but dont know what to do anymore.have no freinds,nothing.im purely existing,can anyone advice me?


F.A.S. - posted on 09/01/2012




no dont end your life y havent u called the police on him never allow a child to hit u or anyone else that is assult or battery. dont let hin get away with that!

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