Twin girls, age 11 that want to do different activities...sometimes not able to accommodate both to decide?

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Tim - posted on 08/18/2012




Try to get them to come up with the solution and compromise. Explain that they have too or the alternative, to be fair, is that neither of them will do the activity they want. Hopefully they will realise that its better to give a little to each other and compromise (as families do) than not to do anything. Also explain that your time is valueable to and as well as considering the needs of each other to think about the needs of other family members such as younger brothers etc. If they are apart of the solution rather than having a solution put upon them there will be less resentment towrads you apparently taking sides, plus its a good life skill negotiating and learning you cant get what you want all the time. Just my view hope it starts the ball rolling :)

Ramona - posted on 08/17/2012




Not having twins, but having two very acitive kids, we had to learn to figure out how to make things happen. Carpooling, riding a bike, dropping one off early with a book or homework, whatever it takes. Sit down as a family and try and figure how things can work, include the kids, they are not babies. My son rode his bike over to a teammate's house, and they took him to football, we picked both boys up and his bike afterwards for a few years.

Vicki - posted on 08/17/2012




Hi there!
When you say not always able to accomidate both does this mean be in two places at once? Or financial reasons?
Is it possible that you take one of the girls to their activity and have their father and or somebody else to take the other girl to their activity?

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