using the army as an escape

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I live in the state of Texas where as my childrens father, only difference is, we're in two different cities.. When I decided to put him on CS, we went to mediation. The lady tells him how much he would have to pay. He looks at me, holds up a sheet of paper to cover our face then whispers in my ear and says "with loans, allotments, bills, and new car I can't pay that" He then puts the paper down and tells her he couldn't afford that.. Oh, I must say, he is in the Military (Army) and has been for 13 yrs. They already have his pay chart.. The lady tells him "I can't change it, you will have to appear in court and tell the judge ". We get a court date, he doesn't show up but sends his mother and has her to tell them that he has been deployed. When she leaves, I arrive and they tell me what she has said. I assured and proved to them that they lied. A new court date has been set for 30 days.. Does anyone know what will happen?


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If he lied and you can prove that he was not deployed your mother in law could be in contempt of court and sent to jail! Your ex is also going to be in deep shit too! Take him for every penny you can get because he can afford it, he is just begrudging you the money. Well tough your childs welfare comes before allotments and new car payments, he is going to have to get his arse in gear and pay for his child and take the bus if he cant afford a car!

Dont feel sorry for him, he does not feel sorry for you, you are the one left with a child to raise alone and you will need that money.

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