What can I do.....My 12yr old is such a drama queen. Whenever she doesn't like something or things don't turn out the way she wants or expects she goes completely crazy, crying histaricly. If I ask her about something not blaming her just asking she starts crying her eyes out, telling us we are thinking bad about her judging her etc....I've tried talking to her to get her to calm down, I've yelled at her, kicked out the house so she can calm down. I'm going cray myself, what can we do???


Lakota - posted on 07/09/2012




Sounds like preteen drama. I have a boy the same age. Make sure you stay calm, don't yell, and stick to your guns. If you act the way she does, it will only reinforce her behavior. Most times I can't reason with my son, no matter what I try, so I just tell him how it's going to be period. If he doesn't like my decisions or rules, too bad. Tell her that you love her and reward the positive behavior. Sort of like going back to the stage when she was two. Because to be honest, the tantrums are sort of like when they were two. Stay strong and calm. This will only last a few years. Yikes. :)

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Elizabeth - posted on 07/10/2012




Mine are a little younger...Charlotte can be such a drama queen 10. Now that laura is almost 12 she has the same problem. They express it differently, Laura wails that no one loves her or listens to her or cares what she thinks, and Charlotte whines about the oppression of her big sister and how she is picked on....OH WOE IS ME!!!!

I roll my eyes......A LOT.

I thought about buying a big fat crown or making one that says" I am a drama queen"....make them wear it for the day.

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