5th birthday party invitation etiquette

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Need to know a tactful way to let the parents of the children invited know that siblings (if not on the invitation) are not allowed.

I would normally not worry about a sibling coming to the twins birthday but we are having their party at Earth and Fire this yr..which means I pay per head.. I have a budget and a number of children I have to abide by esp given the rooms are not that large.

So how would you TACTFULLY mention in the invitation without being rude, hence tactful, that only the one child is invited?



Mandy - posted on 08/12/2009




I've gone to a few 5th birthday parties recently and most had the entire family show up for the guest. For my son's birthday party, I knew all of the families of the boys that my son invited so I just mentioned to them that you can just drop your son off. Now if you do want parents to come, maybe you could just mention on the invitation that your guest is invited plus a parent and then I would probably also mention it to them.

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But surely, if you have only put the one name on the invitaion then only that child should attend. I have 3 children and I would dream of bring the others to a party that they weren't invited too.

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