Kids living with Congenital Heart Disease

A support group for families who have children living with congenital heart disease. The stress and joy of having a child with a special heart.


Double Aortic Arch

My 18 month old son, Apollo, was just diagnosed with this. He is having surgery to correct it March 7th. Anyone else have a child with this? I'm looking for any input,...


Glenn surgery

My son is due back for glenn surgery next Monday, please share your experiences of this surgery with me. Feel sick, the thoughts of him going through major surggery again, but I...


Im new....

I am new to this website and already am finding it is going to be helpful. my daughter was born with hypoplastic right heart along with other complications that go along with...



Hi, my son had a hole in this heart when born. He had open heart surgery. I am new to circle of mom, i would like to make friends with moms like me. My son Alan is now 8