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Kirsty - posted on 05/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi there my name is Kirsty Elliott and i have lactose intolerance, hayfever, pet hair allergy. I am 30 years old and have got two beautiful girls.
Alyssa 4 years 8 months- soya diet since 3 weeks old. No nuts no dairy recurrent uti and kidney infections and acute tonsilitis.hayfever,pet hair,dust.
Imogen 17months- No dairy, soya, wheat, vasoactive amines ( high histamine foods), salicylate ( natural asprin in foods and asprin, Nuts, bananas, peach, netarines,mango,celery,citis fruits, orange. Environmental/chemical- pets server, hayfever, new buildings, paints, deoderants, soaps, cleaning products, leather, polyester,sun,carpet, wool, dust, exzma. Reflux, low temp, colic, bowel issues,anxiaty towards food, sensitive gag reflex and a wide gait. Soft play equiptment hard plastic like potty. And so much more that i can't even think of right now x
Mark is 35 - no cirtris, pineapple,tomatoes,pets, dust hayfever, asthma,exzeam.

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Farhana - posted on 06/12/2012




Oh dear lord this is a lot. You are a very strong woman, you will get through it. All the allergies of your 17 month old remind me of the ones that both my kids had and still do have. They are 6 and 4 years old. They never had any nut allergies but always had problems with citrus foods. All the fruits you listed, with the exception of bananas, they were allergic to. The older one is just starting to get better with Pineapple and Kiwi but still can't have too much and is scared to touch anything that has pineapple in it. Younger one has terrible allergy to kiwi's that if she even touches them she breaks out in hives and immediately swells on the spot and surrounding area.
Older is allergic to carpet, pet hair/dandur, polin, dust. Every time season changes from Fall to Winter and then Winter to Summer, she breaks out in hives all over her body. No one can figure out how to stop it and she has to go on allergy medication around that time for about 3 months.
ONE THING TO CONSIDER: I just found this recently, after trying everything on the planet for her eczema, she is GLUTEN INTOLERANT. I stopped that and it cleared within two days. I experimented with giving her two slices of bread for breakfast after 5 days of no gluten and that afternoon the eczema came back.
You should look into that and see if that would help with the reflux as well. Try Goat's milk for dairy purposes.
I wish you good luck. Be brave and stay strong.

Kirsty - posted on 05/28/2012




Thanks it is hard but we get through it x I'm starting a charity with other mums and i run a support group on facebook too x i wlll be training to be an allergist and nutritionalist too x

Louise - posted on 05/28/2012




Good grief how do you manage all that on a daily basis. I know there is nothing that can be done for dietary intolerances accept avoid the foods as best you can. It all sounds so unfair in such small children. Life is going to be tough for them, but I am sure you will see them through it.

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