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Kelly - posted on 02/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just started knitting this last summer but I am totally addicted! My 7 year old son got me started - he wanted to learn how to knit so I had to learn so I could show him. Ethan loves to knit hats for everyone he knows and even donated 16 to a homeless shelter.

Right now I am working on a baby blanket for a friend who is due soon. I only get any real knitting time in after my boys go to bed so I hope I finish it in time.

Has anyone tried knitting on two circulars instead of double pointed for small projects?

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Hi there!
It's great to hear that your son is so involved in helping others w/ his knitting.
Once I learned how to use circulars, I only knit socks w/ them. Started off w/ two, now I'm down to one.... magic loop method. I use almost only circulars now. They're much more comfortable then the others.

Britney - posted on 12/29/2009




It is so cool that your boy is knitting! My 6-year-old keeps asking me to teach him, but I really don't have the patience. How on earth did you do it? I have only been knitting for a couple months, but I too am addicted. Right now, I am attempting the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB for my friend Lacey, who is expecting.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with double-pointed needles, and I haven't tried knitting in the round yet. So far I have knit a few scarves, the cell phone holder from SnB, and a washcloth.

Heather - posted on 03/21/2009




Hi, kelly! i just joined this mom circle thing- and noticed no one has replied to you- I WILL!!

i started knitting about 4 years ago and advanced so much that i think sometimes i have been knitting for 20 years ! I started when i was PG with my #3- I wanted to do something to keep my hands busy- I have crocheted for many many years and at that time was in to making doilies for some aquaintances who were fond of them- ii was tired of doilies and tired of crocheting. I think i learned a long time ago, so i had a basic idea of how to cast on and how to knit- I went to a knitting meeting at the library and this wonderful woman named Adeline gave me 10 or more issues of Interweave Knits magazine- (a real treasure in the knitting world) I looked at those magazines over and over again and decided that the kind of projects in them was what i wanted to knit (not granny's knitting) ... anyway , if i needed to know how to do soemhting i went to www.knittinghelp.com - got free patterns off of www.knitty.com ...ANYWAY, before i knew it, i was knitting cables and lace and making sweaters-I was fearless! i still am, but have calmed down a bit! (anyway, i am sorry i am rambling, but all the kids are in bed and i am free to talk- or tell) After a few months, a knitting shop opened up in a little resort town on lake michigan about 20 minutes north of my town. I started going there to sit and knit with some ladies- to meet new people, to learn new things- but what I got was mostly encouragement and some good ol' self esteem or confidence-

wth all that said, i was goign through a rough tim in my life. I am sure you can relate when i tell you i felt like a failure at everything i did- mothering, wifehood, my faith, everything- And i didnt' really have many people to talk to- in a way, i was confused and messed up . Knitting helped me gain a little perspective- I accomplished all i set out to do- (i didnt' fail - or if i did, i just put it aside and tried it another time) I finished projects- thereis a sense of completeness that is quite satisfying- and rewarding! anyway, in going to the knit shop, i finally got out of the house and had a social life that did not pertain to kids or beign a wife or church- it was nice. I also gained much perspective and learend a lot from the women i met over the past few years. anyway, the shop closed last november and the new shop that opened up in its place is just way too different- and costly! (you ahve to pay to sit an dknit or buy something ) but i am content- now i teach 8-10 yo girls in my homeschool co-op how to knit!

ok, so sorry if i told you more than you wanted to know- I love to knit and am addicted- it has helped me out so much and i love to tell about it! I love how your 7 yo son got you into it-- HOw did he get into it?

right now, i am kind of in a funk. II am just not too into anything i am knitting now- but i finish things! I have a pair of socks on the needles, (you asked about using 2 circs instead of DPNS-- I prefer 1 long circ, but using 2 circs is generally the same idea- and fairly simple once you get it figured out) I started a cable sampler afghan, I have a baby blanket on the needles ...I told my daughter i would make her a sweater and her doll (like the american girl doll) somethng. i procrastinate-

anyway, how is the knitting going for you now? since it has been so long since you wrote this post??

nice to meet you! i better stop before i write an entire dissertation on a bunch of stuff you might care less about!

Heather :)

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