How many kids per room?

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I think this is focused more for blended families. But how many kids to think in the max to share a room. I personally feel two is the max. And for me that is pushing it. I need my space. LOL What about you. How many do you think is too many.


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We have 2 kids in one room and one adult and one kid in the other.

My ex is building an additional room at his house, but until it is finished....5 of the 6 kids (baby sleeps w/ mom and dad) sleep in the same room. They WILL have a boys room and a girls room, so when my kids are over there it'll be 3 kids in each room (baby will be old enough and sleep w/ his brothers) and only one in one and two in the other when my kids AREN'T there (most of the time).

When I was a teenager one of my friends w/ 6 kids in the family lived in a 2 bedroom place. The only girl got the loft in the parents room and the 5 boys shared a room (one queen sized bed for the oldest, bunk beds for the middle boys, and the loft for the little two). You make due w/ what you have to.

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I think two is fine and in four at the extreme most and hopefully that would be only in emerg. I was in a foster home and I used to share my room from time to time and the rule usually was no more then three and they had to be all the same sex. I would like to think that every kid could have there own room and not have to share but that just doesnt happen all the time

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Michelle - posted on 12/31/2011




In a perfect world they would all get their own. Two is reasonable. My girls share. Four is probably a reasonable max. Although the truth is there's an element of doing what you have to do. For most of my childhood I shared a room with my brother and sister because we had to. I was 14 before we lived someplace where I had my own room.

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