Let's Talk About Sex

This room is for anything having to do with sex. Need sex advice? Have a sex question? Looking for ideas to spice up your sex life with your husband/partner? Just because we're moms doesn't mean our sex lives have to plummet!


Oral sex

Do you like to give your partner oral sex? How about to receive? I personally don't care for him to do it to me but I just can't seem to give it enough. I am so pleased with the...


where to cum

Sorry bit crazy but my hubby wants to cum all over me all the time but I love it when he cums in me feels amazing do women on here get that aswell face boobs bum but just...



What is your biggest problem or frustration about your sex after you become a mom? I am working on a book project and I want to really address what frustrates us and offer a...


Suprise confession from husband

Husband and I had lunch together today at a nice restaurant. I could see that something was troubling him. He told me he thinks that he may be bisexual. He explained that for...


Ask a MAN

I joined this community after reading some of the comments and responses. Sorry ladies but it appeared to me that rather than seeking answers most of the commenter's we seeking...


Feeling Unwanted !!

I am feeling like I am the only one in my 5 year marriage !! I feel unwanted and just feel like I'm living with a roomate !! We haven't had sex since like middle of August. I'm...

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Sex Toys

What do you have? Where do you keep them safe for the kids. Any intrasting storys?


Anal any one???

So do any of my fellow couples like anal and how often do you do this?? I personally love anal but do not do it often do to the pain I get every single time that last for about...


How often do you have an orgasm?

I am able to have between 4-5 orgasms in less than 5 minutes with my husband. Only happens with I'm in control (on top). I was just curious of how often do you have an orgasm....



My husband and I haven't had sex since the 12th of May is it me is there something wrong with me or is something else going on?!?!?! So confused what do you guys think ??

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