Let's Talk About Sex

This room is for anything having to do with sex. Need sex advice? Have a sex question? Looking for ideas to spice up your sex life with your husband/partner? Just because we're moms doesn't mean our sex lives have to plummet!


What turns you on?

Everyone has secret dark sexual triggers that excite them like nothing else, no matter how dark they may be. Some share these desires with partners, some keep them hidden for...



How to have sex while my 1 month old baby is sleeping next to me


tween using homemade vibrator

My daughter Jenna has been pleasuring herself for awhile which is ok bcs its a natural normal thing(also amazing). Last night I caught her with her Oral B tooth brush running...


Sex Toys

What do you have? Where do you keep them safe for the kids. Any intrasting storys?


Caught my twins

I caught my 14 yr old twins (boy & girl) having sex on the living room floor. I didn't say anything, but I couldn't look away neither. I told their father and he didn't know...



How to have sex while my 1 month old baby is sleeping next to me


Anal any one???

So do any of my fellow couples like anal and how often do you do this?? I personally love anal but do not do it often do to the pain I get every single time that last for about...


Anyone get caught?

Hows about sharing a few amusing anecdotes... Me an my man live with our 3 kids in a 2 bedroom flat. We have devided theliving room in 2 with a screen to make ourselves a...


Oral Sex?!

Now this is a topic that could be fun to talk about. To get different views and prepectives. Let me know what you think!!! Do you agree with oral sex? Giving or receiving?


Let's Get Honest for a change.

I have only been on here a short time and have read many postings about how much women here enjoy having sex with their man because he has this gigantic sized cock. Given the...


Teen Question

I couldn't decide whether to post this here or in the Mother of Teens group, but it could fit in either I guess, so here goes. My darling son, who is 15 going on 25, asks me...


Suprise confession from husband

Husband and I had lunch together today at a nice restaurant. I could see that something was troubling him. He told me he thinks that he may be bisexual. He explained that for...


What is the best way to drain my hubby?

First off, my hubby works 70 hours/week and is an amazing help with the housework. He is an amazing and selfless husband and I absolutely love him! :). He had a very tough...