Let's Talk About Sex

This room is for anything having to do with sex. Need sex advice? Have a sex question? Looking for ideas to spice up your sex life with your husband/partner? Just because we're moms doesn't mean our sex lives have to plummet!


My son and daughter having sex?

I have a 15 years old daughter and a 16 years old stepson. One day i walked in my daughter's bed room and i saw that my son and daughter were in bathroom and having sex. I...


where to cum

Sorry bit crazy but my hubby wants to cum all over me all the time but I love it when he cums in me feels amazing do women on here get that aswell face boobs bum but just...



I mean I moan loud, and the fiance grunts loud :). Anyone else like noisy sex?


Oral Sex?!

Now this is a topic that could be fun to talk about. To get different views and prepectives. Let me know what you think!!! Do you agree with oral sex? Giving or receiving?


how important is sex?

for those of you ladies that tested the waters before you dived! (sex before marriage) how important was size and stamina & would you have still married him if he couldnt...


Oral sex

Do you like to give your partner oral sex? How about to receive? I personally don't care for him to do it to me but I just can't seem to give it enough. I am so pleased with the...


Adult movies work everytime!!

I know some women are disgusted with porn and some don't want to admit they like it!! I was one of those who didn't want to admit it--I didn't even realized it turned me on. But...


sex! i want it but hubby doesnt!!

when i want sex he doesnt and when he wants it i give it to him cuz if i could i would have sex 24/7 but im tired of getting turned down what should i do????

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Sex Toys

What do you have? Where do you keep them safe for the kids. Any intrasting storys?


Husbands confession

Not sure were to start here but I am a newbie so please be gentle with me. About three years ago my husband became quiet poorly with a condition related to the Crohn's disease...