Let's Talk About Sex

This room is for anything having to do with sex. Need sex advice? Have a sex question? Looking for ideas to spice up your sex life with your husband/partner? Just because we're moms doesn't mean our sex lives have to plummet!


How to get my wife to receive oral sex?!

Hi, for your info - I'm a married male together 8 years, one daughter aged 2 - sleeps well I really REALLY love to make a woman come with my tongue. I fantasise about it A LOT....


How to spice it up?

I need some advice on how to spice things up between my boyfriend and me. We've been together right at a year now and it seems like our sex life was amazing until we moved in...


feeling sore after sex?

we do use ky but after doing it 2-3 times a weeks seems to be a lil much anyone else find this???? ever get sore after haveing sex????


Hi Ladies - dad here

Hi all, I found this page searching for my own problems via google, and saw that 1 this seems like a nice community and 2 some of you ladies need some help/assurance (and if...

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Has anyone here had a threesome? What was your experience like?


pregnancy update

Today is the due date. I have a feeling today is not the day. I will keep everyone posted if things change.


Baby Registry

I am on the Babies R Us Registry Registry #: 49547329 Maiden/Alternate Name: PITTS Location: PAOLA, KS Expected Arrival Date: 06/21/2013...


Very embarrassing!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to stop farting during sex. Like not only vaginal queefs but my butthole betrays me too. It is so embarrassing. Does this happen to other women?


How to get him to make the first move?

Been together for over five years have two girls together and rising two boys each from our prev rrelationships. Im always initiating sex. I want him to want me with out being...


Advice please!!

Havent have sex with my husband since Dec 17.....this is unusual for him. Before i had my son we had sex a couple times a week. Then about a year into our marriage he only...


ever say no

everytime i mention to my friends that i never tell my husband "no" they are shocked. they make it seem like its not normal . even when we are mad at each other we have sex!...