favorite postion when haveing sex?


Veena - posted on 12/06/2011




I have had one man that can make me cum through intercourse and it was easiest and quickest when I could ride him, but only after he could open me up enough from another position so that I could get him all the way inside me and grind on him. He also could make me cum from behind, at certain angles, if his swinging nuts hit me in the right spot. I was never bold enough to express that to him. My husband cannot satisfy me through intercourse in that way I'm afraid.

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Sarah - posted on 11/23/2014




Tiffany, Shame on me for falling for your questions about breastfeeding....all the while you are posting like crazy about your deviant sexual behaviors. Why? Well you got the attention you desired, hope it was worth it

Kaya - posted on 05/04/2014




Doggy position, i absolutely recommend it. Lots of orgasms ! :D but anything is ok with me.

Jennifer - posted on 10/02/2012




hmmmm this is a tough one, cuz they are all awesome! but my personal favorite would be standing cowgirl, though not every man has the strength/stamina for this. if i cant do that, then doggy usually gets the job done, or any position involving more than 1 guy :P

[deleted account]

oh oh this is a fun one I like this post :D! doggy style! no doubt so much fun and we can do this forever with multi orgasms :) we do this while watching shows playing videos and so on.. love shower positions favorite is being held up against the show wall. lol just asked my husband he said "any thing where I am domination you"... jeesh dirty man :p I also love (I don't know what this one is called) but you both put your hands behind you so your holding your self up off the floor. your belly is poiting up I rap my legs over his and you push each other up off the floor, sorta like walking like a frog when you were young but you do it together...

Kimberly - posted on 10/10/2011




I like starting in missionary then we usually change in the middle. doesnt matter where we wind up I just like sex

Rebecca - posted on 10/09/2011




Gotta love tantric! I am a huge fan of position changing during sex...for me it's about variety and each position offers something different. I love doggy style although a big drawback for me it that I can't see my husband's face. So I too don't have any one I prefer over the others and even after eight years of marriage (on Oct 18th) I am still learning myself and how to orgasm with my husband...so here's to happy sex lives and lots more learning!

Constance - posted on 10/06/2011




Don't really have one. We are runing out of positions we have done almost all of them, My husband can get me to orgasm in every position and he actuallycan control how fast and how soon I do.

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