After 5 1/2 years of TTC, could I be now??

Leslie - posted on 05/23/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




in September 21, 2006...our darling baby was conceived....November 11, 7wks preg...I was in a wreck, with my husband's 2 cousins, and a friend, we flipped 3 times, and a light pole stopped us....I was very badly bruised on my lower right abdomen...I mean black and blue and red too...had a few scratches and that was it...I thought oh, the terror is we can get back to life, and have our bundle of joy in 7 months....well 12th I was hurting a lil....small pain...went to the ER and they said I was fine, did a ultra sound and we saw the baby, he/she was moving, and heartbeat sounded good and strong, everything was going good....December 9th 11wks around 6pm, I went to use the bathroom, and was spotting...I thought well every woman mom was heavy before she had I told my mothernlaw, and she got some worry eyes in her...she used to be a nurse....they tried to calm me down, but I knew what was happening...all of a sudden a pain struck me, like a knife being driven into my lower abdomen...then took it out, they made me sit on the couch for couple of hours, and I wanted to get a bath, because baths usually help with pain especially with me, well my pain worsened, no words could describe the pain I was having...I wanna say I was having labor pains, I dunno...when we got to the hospital, I went to use the bathroom, and that was baby was in the toilet...I took it up in my hands, and took it out into the hospital, I was shocked, devastated, I def was not in my right mind....anyways during the 5 yrs we have been TTC, I have became scared of preg tests...I did not even want to see one...if we went down the aisle and tests were there, I would go down a dif aisle...every test I took was neg it had gotten soo bad that after I took a preg test I would go check it after day or 2, and if I still had it week later(forget to throw it away) I would check and see...always negative no faints......well in 2009, is when they said I had PCOS...which upset me even more, before I got preg, I had not had a period but every once a last cycle before pregnancy was June or July of 2006, then I conceived that September...but the Dr said there is no way without a period...that maybe I jus forgot I had one the week before I conceived...yea right...anyways...during April 2010 to December 2010, I was put on birth control, and metformin, then I was put on chlomid and something else....and then afterwards NOTHING I gave up...2011 we stopped, we did not want anything to do with DRs, MEDS...nor anything...because every time I get a lil hint of hope, I got let down... i now have no periods, present time, 2012...I took a test last Sunday, negative....I didnt care no more...didnt even cry or anything went back to sleep....I did not check it, did not do anything..this is my first test since November 2010 I put it in the box, and waited till I took the other to throw it I could get rid of all the evidence at once...well today decided I would take another test...after I took it, I saw on the other test I took a week ago, it had a pos , whereas it was neg...its sort of a medium pos, its not dark or very can see half of it...well I took the other, then it became neg...could it mean I could be...I know having no periods is related to pcos and irregular, also irregular to no cycles is part of it too...but I think I still pms ....some months only a week I will crave dif things, become bloated, have hormonal issues, as if I was having a period...BUT I have never gotten a faint positive after a week never...this is the first time....I have been craving bread and butter pickles, ate a banana pickle sandwich, had a hamburger with peanut butter and b and b pickles....I have been hurting somewhat in my breast, not like with my first pregnancy, its not as bad...but they hurt off and on...I have been tired...please let me know what yall think...I heard if you were early in preg, it will do this true?...Im not getting my hopes up..jus am getting tired of everyone saying oh your preg...u need take a test, blah blah blah...jus because I am eating weird...

Sorry for such a long thing to read, but I had to explain my situation before asking the question..


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Bella - posted on 03/09/2015




The female body is ready to conceive again immediately after a miscarriage. Hormone levels are at their highest, so infertility is reduced and fertility increased. However, for the sake of the female body and reducing the chance of a second miscarriage, many doctors will suggest waiting at least one regular menstrual cycle to increase chances of getting pregnant and maintaining the pregnancy. Other doctors will suggest waiting up to six months to increase chances of getting pregnant without complications. You may want to check the site for information on trying to conceive after miscarriage, there’s lots of very useful information like how to boost your chances of getting pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy, what you should and shouldn't do, what kind of food that actually boost your fertility, and so much more.

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I don't really understand some of the acronyms like pcos and ttc and I have no idea if you are pregnant. However, I think sometimes as women, especially after traumatic situations to do with pregnancy and birth, our minds can overtake us and affect how our bodies work. I have recently experienced just how stress can affect a pregnancy.
I think it's important to talk to someone about how your feeling. A professional or a family member/friend, your partner? Find a way of letting go of the past experience and identifying any new feelings to do with pregnancy and getting pregnant as separate from what happened before. If you can then whatever you experience now can be seen on it's own and any stress you feel can be seen as to do with this one and not the past.
I hope you are pregnant if that's what you want.
I have just been through this month a traumatic miscarriage too and I am working through the advice I have given you so I am not just preaching something I know nothing about. I want to be pregnant in the future and am scared but mine is a recent sadness.

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