I lost my baby 01/03/10 ruptured ectopic nearly 9 weeks

Rachael - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )





I have just suffered a ectopic pregnancy, I foudn out i was pregnant at 6 weeks. Had my due date calculated as 08/10/10 i was shocked but happy to be expecting number 4. I started bleeding at 6+7 and was diagnosed as possible having a misscarrage and was sen t home to wait it out,

Scan was arranged for when i would have been 7weeks but the songrapher was unabe to detect anything on uss so i was sent home to come bk for repeat scan in a week as they said if i had got my dates wrong the baby owuld be too small to se on scan. so week later when i would have been 8 weeks i returned but still nothing could be found. So i was sent for an internal scan. still nothing. so she did a beta hcg test on me. the results came bcack at 3604. she was worried as at that levels something should have been on scan.

I turned up at the early pregnancy unit on monday morning for repeat beta hcg's, I had been in severe pain all night I was shaking, cryng unable to walk. she took one look at me and called a ambulance to take me to a bigger hospital, the ambulance drivers rushed me the 35miles on blue lights and administered morphine despite my shouts of no my baby, (they had been told by the midwife she was 99% i was rupturing from an ectopic and she had told them to give me morphine). I arrived at a+e and was taken to gyne to await the repeat beta hcg results, a few mins later the repeat beta hcg was 4107 and she said i definatly had an ectopic and was to await surgery. While i was waiting my turn, My blood pressure started dropping, i was pale shaking and nearly passing out. i twice refused to sign the operation consent form i thought i was killing my baby, the consultant said that if i didnt sign the form i would die as i was bleeding internally and thats why i felt so ill. It was then i was taken down to surgery where I lost my right fallopian tube, and my baby, I was nearly 9 weeks pregnant, as i had ruptured there was extensive damage and blood loss. I had to have some other things fixed and removed.

On wednesday i was disharged, all ive done since is cry.. i cant stop crying i dont know why, I am in lots of pysical pain, because i was in surgeryfor nearly 4 hours i have a chest infection from the ventilator (i am asthmatic) and i cant stop coughing which is causing me more pain.

Anyway thank you for reading this,. I feel so alone.



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Bella - posted on 03/09/2015




I am so sorry for your loss. The female body is ready to conceive again immediately after a miscarriage. Hormone levels are at their highest, so infertility is reduced and fertility increased. However, for the sake of the female body and reducing the chance of a second miscarriage, many doctors will suggest waiting at least one regular menstrual cycle to increase chances of getting pregnant and maintaining the pregnancy. Other doctors will suggest waiting up to six months to increase chances of getting pregnant without complications. You may want to check the http://pregnancyhours.com site for information on trying to conceive after miscarriage, there’s lots of very useful information like how to boost your chances of getting pregnant, how to have a healthy pregnancy, what you should and shouldn't do, what kind of food that actually boost your fertility, and so much more.

Stacey - posted on 03/22/2010




Hi rachel, I am so sorry to hear your story, I just wanted to say your really aren't alone, I had a miscarriage after trying for a baby for a year and was devastated when I lost it. It really is the most horrible feeling, and takes a long time to come to terms with, I managed when I realised it really is just 'one of those things' and does happen to so many people. I do have 2 children now, you should try to count your blessings for the ones you do have now, and allow yourself to cry (and talk) for the one you lost. You have been through a traumatic experience and need time to heal, and you will heal in time. Hope you feel better soon x

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