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I have previously had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, and i cannot get over it, i am only 18 years old and its the second one i have had. can someone help me and give me some advice of how to get over it.


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I have had multiple miscarriages, including one just a month after turning 19, another when I was 20, then another two after that. I am now 35 and have three children. From my experience, there is no "getting over it", rather letting them find a place in your life. Time heals nothing, rather time provides space for healing--if you allow it. Don't minimize the significance of your losses. As feelings related to them arise, allow yourself to experience them--denying them will only make them stronger, and will hinder you mentally and emotionally. Allowing yourself to experience those feelings/emotions will help ease the pain. I would just caution against wallowing in them. Lastly, I can guarantee that sometime in the future, in sharing your experience, you will be able to relate to, and help, other young women.


Sharon H.

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