i know i have not been on. and for that i am sorry

Shannon - posted on 05/17/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




i would love to hear from people that are having a hard time. in this day and age people are struggleing with many differant losses the loss of a job there home or wounder how they are gonna pay there bills take care of there kids or put food on the table.
i was one of those women for a long ong time. thinking that i just had to except what life handed me and alwas depending on others to bail me out. until one day as we were living in a hotel homless my husbnand and my 3 kids we had lost everything. we had been thru hard times before me braking my hip and learning that i could never work again and i was the one that did work. learning my husband had bipolor and learning to deal with that but nothing compared to looking at my kids and realizing i had to make a hoice. i always beleived in positive energy ans what you put out thereyou get back i had tona of faith . but i was blocked i relized that morning that i had to stop depending on other and have faith in myself and depend on myself. i could not worrie about yesterday or even the next day i had to take control myself it was hard and scary. the frist year was hard i asked none for a thing . im not one to put my personal life for everone to know but if i could change my life in 2 years and find myself and have a better life now then i ever had i know i can help many people that feel they have failed have lost themselfs.. i can show you how to find yourself and start over and get the things you want and need on a limited income and in return find peace and happyness and sucrity how many of you can go tobed at night and not worrei that your bills are paid. i hope you have the courge to right and ak me things


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