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Mackay 4740 Mummies

Any mums from mackay and surrounding areas that want to chat.


Just moved to Mackay....

Hi there, my name is Anna, and I have recently moved to Mackay with my husband and 17 mo. Am keen to meet up with people, make new friends, and explore Mackay!


new to Mackay with 2 kids...

arrived in Mackay October 1 from the US. i have 2 children ages 4 and 23 months. i've checked into childcare but there isn't any openings around here so i'm looking to find...


Would love to meet other Mackay Mum's!

Hi, I have lived in Mackay for nearly 5 years & Have a one year old daughter and another baby on the way! I am keen to make some mummy friends So if anyone is interested...


i wanna meet other mummys from mackay

we have just moved to mackay to be closer to hubby's work. i have three kids and would really love to meet someother mums, for my kids to have a play and for myself to have an...


Mackay Birth Centre

Interested in going through the Birth Centre in Mackay. Anyone been there? Would love a review :)


Play day group in Mackay 4740!

Hi,does anybody know of a play day that i could take my daughter, 20 months, and my soon to be son to? I have lived here for a year and haven't really made any friends with...


Private Health Waiting Periods

Hi everyone, My son is now 13 months old and I'm really wanting to give him a little sister. Problem is, our private health waiting period for pregnancy doesn't run out until...


Caneland Shopping Centre

Who thinks the shopping centre needs to make/upgrade the parents room bigger and more comfortable?? I was at the shopping centre on Friday and i needed to change my 1 month old...