Pulling the foreskin on a One Year Old Uncircumcised boy

Nora - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi, my hispanic family and friends tell me that I have to ask my pediatrician to pull my one year old's foreskin completely back as soon as possible or the foreskin will stay as is forever and even cause an infection. I was wondering if you ladies had an input on this...?


Erin - posted on 08/02/2012




DO NOT attempt to retract your son's foreskin, and do NOT let a doctor attempt to do so either. Genitals of children should never bleed! The foreskin will retract in it's own time, and only ever by the boy himself. Until it retracts naturally, it is fused to the head of the penis like a fingernail to it's bed. Leave it be, and when he's older (up to 10), all that is needed is a rinse with water (like a girl) to clean under the foreskin. Protect your sons, and never let a doctor retract!

Jimena - posted on 09/17/2011




Nora, I have a 19 month old baby and i'm being pulling his foreskin back since he was born. When I asked the doctor about it he said to do it once or more times a day. So I try to do it on every bath so i can washed properly and he do not get any infections and almost every time I change his diaper. I use a wipe with no add ons and clean it too. He is supposed to have the skin retract completely by the age 3. If not, he may have to be circumcised as an adult. Your pediatrician is supposed to do this on every check up to make sure is not redness/inflamation or any infection underneath. i'm actually surprised he's never done it!

Audrey - posted on 09/10/2011




Hi Nora. I have 2 sons, both uncircumcised. I have never even tried pulling my 3 year olds foreskin back until he turned 3 in July, the doctor actually did it. I was shocked cause I had never done it. Plus I heard that boys when they reach puberty they do it then on their own so I never bothered w/it and my older sons doctor who we no longer go to never told me I needed to pull the foreskin back. Both my boys are July babies so we took 2 doctor visits in July. My 1 year old had his foreskin pulled back by the doctor and it seemed not so tight and very easy to pull back. She said to clean under the foreskin at least once a day so he wont get a UTI ( urinary tract infection) and my 3 year old has been pulling his back when he goes pee now... It was a bit tight the 1st time the doc pulled it back & it even bled a little but over the last couple months my son does it on his own & the skin seems to have gotten more loose and not as tight. Definately see what your pediatrician has to say about this, I honestly dont think it will stay stuck forever... The 1st time my oldest had his foreskin pulled back was at 3 years old and he was fine before then, never had any complications. Good Luck! Hope this helped.

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Wendolyn - posted on 08/06/2012




I have 4 children and 3 of them are boys. Before I became pregnant with my first I read a lot of books and I gave birth in Beth Israel in NY,NY. They had also confirmed with videos what I had researched. You should always from birth bull the skin back and clean it every time you changed a diaper. It helps so that the skin does not seal over the head and it prevents infections. Some people don't even want to try it or do it even tho it is for the health of the child, because they find it inappropriate. But the fact remains that it all depends on the mother, if she wants her son to be free of infections and future problems.

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