Wining and crying when he hears "No".

Rona - posted on 03/13/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My oldest son, Brayson, will be 5 the 23 of this month. He wines and cries about the word "no".... I don't want him to think I'm overly negative. He's even gotten to where when I say "yes" he responds with "thank you for saying yes, mama".... But the wining and crying over "no" is getting out of hand.
I strongly believe in corporate punishment.... "spanking".... "using a switch".... and this doesn't work either. I've tried time out, I've tried taking away his toys. I've even tried ignoring his fits. He even resorts to doing it anyway, even after being told no, and then lying about it. What can I do?

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Jennifer - posted on 10/27/2010




try not saying just no....some instances like when he hits you say "no thank you" but if your child asks for a cookie before dinner try " maybe after dinner" or name another time when he can have a cookie. Can we go to the park? "i was planning on taking you after school tomorrow" save the solid no for situations that involve the childs safety so he knows you mean business.

Nakia - posted on 04/22/2010




OMG!!! I thought that only happened too me. My daughter does the same thing..... She just turned five.

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Have you tried to say "no" without using the word "no"? Maybe his trying to bargin with you. For example - He wants sweets of snacks before dinner. In stead of saying "no, you can have some after dinner", say "Let's make a deal. Eat all your veggies and then you can have xyz. What do you say?" Then you get the message across that snaks before dinner is not going to happen, without giving him the "opportunity" to react to the "no". Trust this will work for you.

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